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after a while not going to see any movies, i finally have the time in the world to go to the theater and watch the new and upcoming movies. not just one, mind you.. i actually saw two movies this weekend *bales dendam ceritanya.. hihi….* i was going to see the third one except noone wanted to come wimme. oh well…

so what did i see?

yup i got to watch lord of the rings 2: the two towers. and how was it? it’s muthafuckin’ awesome. i couldn’t even stop talking about it even a day after i watched the movie. i ended up watching the first one on dvd *again, for the third time* the next day too. it’s so freakin’ good. it’s a really must see. full of action. the plot was so fast that you wouldn’t even have a time to stop thinking. you miss one scene, you miss the whole movie. it’s that good. and the graphics was unbelievable. the first 5 minutes, you’d already served with a top-notch graphics. oohh.. and i love arragorn & legolas so much!!! such a warrior. *psst.. i know i shoulda keep this info but i can’t.. so.. a tip for you.. gandalf is back!!* hehehhe…

the second movie i watched the next day… of course.. gangs of new york which just opened on friday. it’s a long movie, full of talking and deep dialogue. actually the story is good, but as any other scorsese’s movies, the dialogue and the way the story was told is kinda hard to understand. as my bro said.. “it’s not user friendly” the story is about a kid who wanted to take revenge to a gang leader, “the butcher“, who killed his father on a riot between the two gangs, the so-called natives and irish foreigners called dead rabbits. now the story serves in a very complicated way cuz at the same time there are political riots, army drafts, slavery abolition that wrapped up around the selfish act of revenge. those who are not familiar with america’s history and politics may come out with a big question mark of what the hell just happened in there?. but the old new york city settings and the originality of how it sets up was very amazing. and of course, daniel-day lewis delivers superb acting as the butcher!!!

i was gonna watch two weeks notice as my third movie of the weekend, but nobody wanted to see it with me. my bro though it as a “dvd movie!” and i really don’t wanna watch it myself. the only person who i know would go is adis but it was too late to call her.

another exciting moment this weekend was that i got to hang out with the infamous miss finia. she called me on saturday morning but i couldn’t go along with her touring the city cuz i was too dead tired and lazy to get my ass out of the house. the next morning, i called her and asked is she’s up for a dim-sum. she agreed so after an hour i picked her up at her friend’s apartment *which happens to be a block away from where i used to live* then off we went to have dim-sum. hihih.. this was actually my first meeting with anybody thru my blogging experience. i was gonna meet up with rita a while ago but due to my heavy schedule at the time of her visit, i couldn’t find the time to hangout with her. anyways… it was a short meet-up between me & finia. after dim-sum we went to austin street and just had some desserts at piubello. then off she went back to virginia. so where’s the pictures you ask?? hmm… fin.. email-in gue dong!! heheh.. i didn’t bring my camera but finia did and we took a couple of shots before we said goodbye. i’ll post it after she email it to me.

ciaoo.. guys!! oh another thing…for those who celebrate it, i wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. have a good one…

UPDATE: here are the pictures..

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