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this morning i saw a message on my tag-board from this girl who mentioned that my blog appears in this magazine. although i didn’t believe it at first, i finally got the article from enda and read it. although now i got all msgs from my regular visitors congratulating me for being featured in the magazine, i’m not particularly happy about it. though it may sound exaggerating, i feel that somebody has invaded my privacy.

it’s true that there is no law binding online information. after all, all of us bloggerians are putting our life stories for people to read. but i strongly believe that whoever’s writing the article, either has no understanding whatsoever what “ethics” mean or s/he does not have a good background on how doing a research. i’m not trying to be sarcastic or nasty or what-you-may-say. i would say that the article is a good writing, except that it was not based on accurate information because the writer does not have a fuckin’ gut to ask permission from the blog-owner to have his or her blog to be featured in an article. for a top magazine like tempo i was pretty surprised in looking at the poor quality of the writer in referencing his or her sources. i never get contacted & never asked for permission to have my blog featured and i’m pretty sure the same thing with the others whose blogs are mentioned in the article — and all the while i have a contact information right there on top when it says email me!!

from reading the journal, i think it was written in a rush. why? cuz many of the information are WRONG!!! take detta for example, she was mentioned as currently living in aachen *not!!* or my i-wish-i-still-am age of 18. totally surprised me that this person either does not know how to read , doesn’t understand english clearly or just plainly bad in mathematics. cuz i never mentioned my age on my about me page except when i said “i came to united states 7 years ago. i just turned 18…” and then the sentence doesn’t make any sense cuz the writer mentioned me as an 18 year old girl who is working in an export-import company in manhattan. hahahahh… my message to the writer: DO YOUR FUCKIN’ RESEARCH!! before publishing anything. i would let it go if the article is in a cheesy magazine *like reading a tabloid about your fave artist where all the articles are far from truth * but it’s not.

taking enda‘s reaction.. i’ve noticed that my blog visitors have doubled. is that good? is that bad? it depends on how the owners like it, i myself don’t really care but of course i do welcome them. but it also increases the risk to security of the site. it’s a good thing that my blog is hosted by blogger, so i don’t have to worry about it as much. but look at dhea whose site now is being defaced. it may not even related, but i would assume it has something to do with the article, especially that her site and name is posted as an opening paragraph for the article. *btw dhea, ada pesen dari adi to contact him if you need help. kalo gak punya no telp nya, email gue ya, dheeaa..*. good luck!!

what i got from all of it now is just to let us all think. as i mentioned so much before, i am really concerned about privacy, especially on the net. the law have not yet passed in protecting our rights to privacy online, after all, we are putting our lives for everyone to see. but the writer of the article has failed to act ethically in his/her journalism experience because he/she has put someone’s name in public without having an authorization to do so. the least he/she can do is to contact the blog-owners so at least he/she can have the story straight.

btw.. who says i’m lonely and living alone here? ngaraaannggg ajjaa deh loee!!! can you freakin’ translate english correctly?

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