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first of all, thank you for those who wish me luck on my presentation as well as ur “get well” wishes.. *hugs* gue sampe terharu.. hiks.. i’m still sick. my head’s still heavy, still have a runny nose, my nasal still congested.. and it goes on and on and on.. and it’s not getting any better for some reason… well, maybe because i walked through the rain last night.. *whaaat? i don’t know it’s gonna be raining and i don’t know my class would end at 9.30pm and i have to walk through the rain, cuz i got no choice..!!*

but all and all, i’m happy finally i’m done with all my projects last nite. the presentation again.. was very good. i’m so glad that both groups on my both classes this semester had created a good synergy that allow us to work together yet learning something out of it.. and delivered a top-notch presentation. our professor liked our idea and recommendation. we did the presentation within the time limit given *and the rest of the groups went over it* we may not put all the details on our presentation but we feel we don’t need to since we have everything on our proposal binder. well, since i’m never gonna do this again.. i want to capture all these memories in my journal.. so mind you.. this reading will be mad boooorrriiinggg!!!

  • FRIDAY: “subway nightmare”
  • although it was the day after lebaran, i still managed to go to work because i have all these meetings planned for the weekend that i can’t miss. it was freezing cold cuz the snow are outside covering the city. some streets aren’t even cleaned up yet, so when i decided to wear my high heel boots today, i walked extra careful, although i almost slipped when i ran out getting my coffee in the morning. at 5.30 pm i left the office to go to raj‘s office in TriBeCa. since i’ve been to that salomon smith barney‘s office a while ago, i decided to take the F train and tranferred to the E line in west 4 to franklin street, due to the fact that it’s freakin’ cold outside and that route would be the closest walk to the office. unfortunately, the train service SUCKS!!! that nite. to make the long story short, i didn’t get to raj‘s office until 7pm, and it should be just a 15 minute ride. at one point i actually got out to get a cab to no avail. believe you me.. it’s so fuckin’ hard to get a cab on a freakin’ friday night at a freezing temperature.. so i had no choice but to wait for the train to come … again.

    anyways, ramona and raj had started without me. after discussing for several hours, we decided to stop and worked on our part and went home around 10pm. we decided not to meet again tomorrow, but instead we’ll work on our part for the consolidated paper. *oh btw, the paper is a case analysis on BOMBARDIER, LTD. as an MBA students we are expected to have a detailed analysis of the company’s problems and we should come up with recommendations that we will present as our final grade in front of the class acting as an executive committee of the company* my part was to do the consolidated financial analysis, raj will do the presentation slides and ramona will work on the consolidated paper.

  • SATURDAY: “day off”
  • i’m so happy that none of my groups decided to meet today. we were going to but then decided we should just spend the whole day on sunday instead. this is good news for me, so at least i’d be able to spend a day ‘off’ and go to may‘s open house. whoohooo.. never let free food offer to waste.. right??

    so i went to may‘s house with han, ari, and my bro. met a bunch of my friends. basa basi.. salaman sana sini.. shake hands, minal aidin-an and then go straight to the food. yummeehhh..!! it’s nice to see all my friends again after all these times i’ve been busy with my own thang… a bunch of them wants to go out somewhere and hang out.. but unfortunately and sadly, i’d have to say no. although this is kinda a day ‘off’ for me, i do have some work to be done. so my bro dropped me off at my apartment and off they go i-don’t-know-where. i didn’t go straight to work on my stuff. instead i watched some shows on tv and ended up falling asleep on the couch. by 10pm, i woke up refreshed and ready to do my work. at first i did the financial analysis. after a couple of hours, i’m done. of course because we did the financial ratios and analysis a couple of weeks earlier, all i have to do is to put them in writing to be included in the consolidated paper. after thoroughly reading it and satisfied, i put it aside and started to work on my other project. my other project is very interesting and ‘fun’ *at least my part was*. i think i’ve mentioned it on my previous entries about this project. this is for my system analysis & design class. the project is for us to come up with a recommendation to our client (our professor acts as our client from time to time in the class so we can get a feel of a real workshops experience) who has an internal problem in managing projects. through the workshops we were able to find out what is the current process, what is wrong with it, what are the requirements that they want, and eventually we should come up with a solution that would meet those requirements. our recommendation is to create a project management system and will present it in front of the board (again, the class will act as the board of the company) and to convince them in choosing our company from others (the other groups in the class). we also have to do a cost analysis on this part as if we’re pitching in our idea *we’re consultants* and show our potential client how much will this cost them. sounds cool, eh? and my part was to build this application. since it’s not supposed to be a real thing *although if we want, we can..* we chose to just build the prototype using html, with our solution being that it would be availble on the net as their intranet application. to make the story short, i was working on all the screens of the scenarios of this application that we will present on wednesday night. worked on it till 6 am. since it’s a fun work, i didn’t even realize that it was already 6 am when i’m done with all of the screens. then i just went to bed.

  • SUNDAY: “the hard work”
  • after just fallen asleep by 6 in the morning, i woke up around 11.30 cuz my first group meeting is at 1pm on campus. by 12 i was on my way to school. ac dropped me off and saw chris, olga, chihwei, vinny, rob and toyia. efe couldn’t make it to the meeting. showed my group the screens i did. they pretty impressed with it and we’re all set. by 3pm we were on our way out. so is that mean i’m going home? NO WAY, JOSE!! my next group meeting is at 3pm at starbucks around school. met up with raj and ramona then we decided to walk down to the pizza place to get lunch. after lunch, we decided to stay at the place and worked on our project there. and that was the beginning of our long process to finish the project. at one point we got kicked out of that pizza place cuz we stayed there for too long and also due to the fact that they found out we’re using the electricity to power the laptop we’re using. what a cheap ass!! so we left and moved to the cafetaria on the main building. stayed there.. till 10pm. the last couple of hours before we got up and left, i felt like my brain is being squeezed to think. have you ever experienced that?? at the end you just don’t care of what you wanna put on your paper anymore. but all of us tried to work our best. so by 10pm i went home feeling so dead tired. and i have to wake up early to work tomorrow morning. i can feel that my body is getting really used up and down to its last resource. started to feeling dizzy, sick.. especially that i haven’t been eating good through all these times i’m busy with my projects.

  • MONDAY: “the torture begins”
  • worked restlessly, didn’t even get lunch. by 4.30pm i left the office cuz i promised raj and ramona that i will come early for a dry run. the class starts at 5.35, so before 5pm i was already there and prepared everything. the presentation started on time. professor oglesbee made this presentation as if we are in a real executive committee meeting. as a business consultants we have to present our recommendation as professionally as we could. and we started. raj started with the introduction and a little overview of the problems within the company. as he talked, the prof. keeps cutting him. when raj mentioned a business term, the prof. asked him to explain it further. it goes on also till ramona‘s & my turn. the presentation is for 20 minutes. but by the time my turn started *i was last to speak* i don’t have that many time left because of those interruptions that the prof. made. it was freakin’ INTENSE!!! we can see how everybody was shocked during the Q&A. i’m sure they shocked because they wouldn’t imagine how it will be when they’re in our position. fortunately, through our shockness, our group managed to go through the whole ordeal in a professional way. we might have a mistake here and there but hey.. we were the FIRST victim… it was good for us that we were able to throw all what we need to say on the presentation before the time ran out. the other two groups who were presenting that night had to rush to the end cuz they were running out of time. one group had 33 slides for the presentation and they can only go through the first 2 slides!!! i feel so bad for them.

    but all and all.. it was a great learning experience. it was though, but i’m glad the professor made us through that. he is actually a very good professor and he wanted us to learn as how it is in the real world so when we go out there as an MBA, we wouldn’t be so surprised. the way he said it.. “i’m producing a high quality products.. not just someone with a degree behind their names..!” so now you know why i’ve been working my ass so hard all the time this semester. all i know by the end of the night.. i’m so fuckin’ glad that my group went up first.

  • TUESDAY: “my body wears out”
  • woke up with my stuffy nose. i feel it. all these times, i tried so hard not to get sick cuz i can’t afford to.. i guess my body just give in after i’ve put it through. had a light day at work cuz shawn took me to alain mikli‘s sample sale during lunch time *we took two hours. haha..*. got two frames *shawn bought me one.. thanks, dude!* for 80 bux. that was an awesome deal considering their regular price is about 150-200bux. i got one for ac as a christmas gift. he needs a new frame desperately. all the time all day i coughed and have a runny nose. but i tried to put that aside thinking if my mind don’t accept this sickness then my body won’t too. WRONG!!! by the time i got home, it was getting worse. but still i tried to denied it. cleaned up my house, every detail of it, cuz i have been abandoning it for the past three weeks. got tons of dishes to wash, carpet to vacuum and papers all over my study table. not to mention all the garbages. it was just horrible. i was done by 10pm, cooked my dinner and then took vick’s and off to bed. all i want is to wake up feeling refreshed.

  • WEDNESDAY: “the end of the stumpy road”
  • i woke up with the worst headache and sinusitis pressure. i feel so terrible. couldn’t get enough sleep last night because i keep waking up for not be able to breathe through my nose. but i have to drag myself out of bed. i have my last presentation tonight and i might as well go to work instead of staying at home. the whole day at work, i felt like i was dying. left the office by 4.30pm and ready to have the presentation on that application we built. my group was so ready that when professor phidd asked team one to present *that’s us!* all of us just go right ahead to our position. this class is a ‘fun’ one. you can tell by the way our professor conducted the presentation. although the set up is pretty similar with the other class *presenting in front of the executive committee* he asked us to bring food to class. so in between each group presenting, we’d have a 3 minute break and we’d use that for networking and getting to know with other classmates while getting our food, isn’t that fun?

    anyways, so we started the presentation. olga started first on the introduction speech, then chihwei took the stand on our brief understanding about the client’s issues, then rob took over on the client’s requirements. vinny continued with test cases. by this time we’re already showing our application and vinny is showing how QA is implied by having error messages working on the application… bla..bla..bla.. then efe took over to explain one of the requirements and finished up by me who explained the rest of the features on the application. toyia worked the class on cost-benefit analysis then came up olga again *as the team leader* to finish up with conclusion and recommendations. all of that was done in 15 minutes on the dot. it was kinda hard because there are 8 of us and so little time and this is on a subject that is very huge to do. but we managed. the professor was pretty impressed. so we took a 3 minute break, got our food and back to our seat to see the next group presenting. i’ll tell you, none of them can make it within that time limit. there are 4 groups presenting after us and we had to stay the whole time. efe kept taking pictures with his new digicam, while chris keeps pushing him off. hahah.. all the time i was coughing and blowing my nose. i have tissues all over my desk. there was a funny moment during presentation. i started my speech by saying.. “first of all, i apologized if you cannot hear me perfectly because i haven’t felt good all day, so please bear with me..” while it was the truth, i purposely did that to break the ‘ice’ so everyone would not be so nervous. but at the end of the class, a guy came up and said.. “hey, that was a good one… making an excuse about you being sick.. ” and i answered.. “but i AM sick!” hahahah.. he thought i was just making that up as a scenario for my speech cuz i was nervous. to tell you the truth, i wasn’t nervous at all. compared to my presentation on monday, this was a piece of a cake.. that’s why i can just go through it smoothly.

    we didn’t get out of the class until 9.30pm. the prof. gave the review at the end. we got a good one. and on our way out, all of us just try to talk to each other… knowing that this is our last class together. it was a great learning experience and i’m glad to have spent the last three months with my group and class mates. we had a good groups.. and to you all *if you read this* chris, olga, vinny, chihwei, rob, efe, and toyia i’m glad to have worked wit you… please do keep in touch and good luck on your future endeavors!! efe, if you sent out those pics you took, i’ll put it up on my gallery for everyone to see… !!

  • THURSDAY: “the after effect”
  • i’m still sick today. it’s even worse cuz i got myself wet from the rain last night. wasn’t gonna go to work, called in but then i realized that they might need me for an EDI transmission. my co-worker who’s handling this is on vacation and i’m the next person who knows how to do it. so i have to drag myself out of bed and get to work by 2pm. lucky me!! all i can say.. i’m so glad that my school work has finished. i’m gonna have a full rest this weekend, so i can enjoy my free time. i know i’ll miss it soon, but hey.. i still have another semester to be busy.

    oh, another thing.. i called the graduate advisement on doing an audit on my credits. it’s confirmed i only have two more classes left for next semester and then i’m done, folks!! she mentioned also that due to my current cumulative GPA, i might be eligible to graduate with honors. woohoo.. all my hardworks and no social life for the past 2.5 years will finally pay off… *cross my finger*

    UPDATE: the pictures are up on my album!!!

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