Homeless to Harvard

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hari gini di new york banyak banget orang&#178 ‘homeless’ berkeliaran. with the higher unemployment rate and the slowdown in the economy, i really do feel the difference in this city. before, only a few would pop up in the subway car and mostly they would have something to show before raising their hands. but these days.. i would see a couple of them on every ride and they would blatantly just said that they’re hungry, they do not have home and just trying to pass by another day. nobody would tell them to ‘get a job’ because we all know how hard it is finding a job these days. homeless shelters are full and they could no longer take anymore people.. the results.. i’d see more homeless people on the streets, on the subway car, stinking up the whole place, or in the subway station. they’d make one of the benches as if it were their home.

kasian sih sama mereka ini. kadang&#178 gue suka ngasih recehan yang ada di kantong gue, kadang&#178 gue cuman bisa bilang “sorry”. .. how hard life must be for them .. but sometimes i think that most of them do this to themselves. dikasih duit bukannya diusahain buat makan yang bener, tapi malah dipake buat beli ‘drugs’ or ‘drinks’. ya.. most of these homeless people are either drug addicts or alcoholics. i feel they are throwing their lives away when they can do something about it and make a change.

so, would you believe it if a homeles person makes it to harvard? yeah, believe it. this is a true story of a new york girl, liz murray, who was homeless since she was 15 years old. she was born with parents who couldn’t care less about their children. her mom was legally blind, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a schizophrenic, and had aids. her dad, although very smart, was also a drug addict and had infected by aids like her mom. there were many times that her mom would use the food money to buy drugs and left her and her sister starved that she’d ended up looking for food in the neighborhood garbage cans. but out of all those miseries her parents had made her through, she kept on sticking by her mom cuz she knows that she loves her, no matter what, because she was her mom.

after finding out that she got aids, her mom moved back to her father’s house who is abusive. liz couldn’t stand living with her pops because of the beating, so she decided that she would live on the streets. seperti halnya orang&#178 homeless yang gue liat di jalanan & di subway station, that was how she lived her life. she’d be begging for money in the corner of the street, searching for food in the garbage cans, or sleeping in a subway car. but something was different about her. she was a smart girl. walopun dia jarang masuk sekolah, when it was time for a test, she’d aced the test easily. although her teachers always insist on her to stay in school, she saw that everyone else around her never made her to go, so she never did. until she realized that was her only way out when she lost the only person she loved, her mom.

i love my mom, and i never forgot that she loved me too. although she did. all the time… all the time.. all.. the.. time..

she finished 4 years of high school within 2 years and managed to graduate on top of her class. she took 10 classes in one semester, while she has no place to live and working as a dishwasher at night. she was so dedicated to prove that she’s not just some ‘homeless’ person but someone who can look forward to better life. when she graduated, she applied for scholarship from the new york times and got accepted to harvard.

this was a true story of liz murray. an amazing story. her life was featured in lifetime tv originals and her character was played by thora birch who was known from her role in american beauty. liz murray shows that you can change your life if you put your heart and mind to. she shows that anything is possible. she gives inspiration and motivation that if someone who had so little can receive so much.. it only make sense if those who has enough should be able to receive much more. if you don’t try what you can do best.. it’d be just a waste of talent.

her story is not just about going to harvard alone. the message she has to share with others is that regardless of your background or your circumstances, YOU can set goals and succeed at them. when she was on the streets after her mom died and she evaluated where her life was headed, she KNEW she needed to make a change. her goal was to finish high school and she did. when she got the scholarship and admitted to harvard, she proved to herself that she can do it. although now she had left harvard because she felt that the school wasn’t a good match while all her ‘families’ are in the bronx and her dad is sick, she is still thinking to continue her school in her hometown and maybe enroll to nyu. she is also preparing to publish her autobiography and she is an inspiration to all of us. she had overcome the major obstacles throughout her life to be a decent human being that can contribute to the society.. from homeless to harvard

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