If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere

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we all know that there are only 24 hours in a day. when i was young, this number seems large. hell, when we were young, any two digits numbers seem large. but 24 hours in a day does not seem enough these days, does it? it is known that united states is the most productive country. workers in this country is highly competitive and expected to generate high productivity. being a resident of new york city, i know that new yorkers take this competition and expectancy even higher.

since i was young, i always dreamed of holding a job and live in new york city. now that i have somewhat has fulfilled my dreams, there are times that i feel incomplete because of how little time i spend for my personal use. living in new york city is tough. it requires hard work. just as frank sinatra’s “new york, new york”.. if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.. and it is so true. and that’s the beauty of it. and just like any metropolitan city, this city is very hectic. it opens for business 24 hours a day, the city that never sleeps. but the problem is, the city may be open for 24 hours, but humans run the city and we are all humans. new yorkers may be a very ‘determined’ human beings, but we’re definitely not robots who can run our body for the whole 24 hours.

let’s see… to increase our productivity, it’s not uncommon to see new yorkers worker for more than 8 hours a day. most of us work between 10-12 hours a day, i know some people do more. as the home of the largest volume of stock exchanges, financial goals took priority over all other business considerations. in pursuing this single-minded strategy, it has gradually transformed the paternalistic workplace familiar to white-collar workers into our present darwinian arena, which characterizes as a sweatshop, according to fraser. my average stay at work is 10 hrs. plus 2 hours for commuting back and forth. that leaves me 12 hours for my personal things. if i hold a class after work, it usually takes 3 hours of my time. i leave home around 8, got to work around 9, stay at work until 6 if i have school, 7 or 8 if i don’t have school. school usually starts at 6, got out at 9, home by 10. sometimes i’d spend another hour to cook, eat dinner and clean up. another hour or two relaxing in front of the tv. another hour to read or go browsing on the net. by the time i go to bed, it’s already 1 o’clock in the morning. sleep for 6 hours, got up around 7, do my morning things for an hour and on my way to work again by 8. don’t i sound like a robot already? everyday in the subway i’d try to steal some catnaps in between the rides. but most of the times i’m so tired that i couldn’t let my eyes closed and did some readings instead.

after doing this for years *at least for the past 3 years that i’ve been in school*, although i still have the energy to go on, my body is wearing down. i’m tired most of the time, stressing out with workload, and the only time i have left for myself is during the weekend when i suppose to go out and socialize, but rarely got to do. sometimes weekend means catching up on my school work. living in america is hard, particularly in new york city when work hours are long and holidays are short. unlike most of the european countries who has 4 weeks vacation and got some period of time off during the summer, we can only take 2 weeks vacation in all entire year. sometimes when the workload is unbelievable, we even take them home and delay our vacation. so why are we busting our chops so much? well, personally it’s because i believe that while i’m still young, when i have all the energy to carry the full day, why not use it to the fullest. when i can test how far i can go until i can no longer able to. besides i love the city and i know this city can offer so much. work hard, play hard as they said and it’s true, IF you have the time to even play.

i just got an email from a friend of mine today:

..as most of you know I’ve been traveling out to my regional offices in the US. i just did my time sheet from 4/1-4/15. i worked 220 hours w/no days off or no lunch. sux to be me cuz i get no O/T. =( thank god i love what i do.

yeah, for some of us who are lucky to do the job that we love, it ‘may’ be just a walk in the park, but for others who stay in the job just because they have to.. it’s like a ‘torture’ to go to work every morning. and yet, ironically.. there are no shortages on people who wanna come to america.

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