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what can i say, i’m just not in the mood to sit down in front of my computer and write about stuff when i have a pile of numbers to crunch. as always at this time of the year, my work has piled up before year ends. and this year is no difference, no matter how hard i tried to avoid it and come prepared in earlier months, the work would still piled up and lying there waiting for me with a deadline. for the past weeks, i’ve been leaving the office after 7pm, sometimes even close to 8pm. by the time i got home, i’m just too exhausted to even bother turning on my computer. i usually turn on my computer all night eventhough i hardly sit in front of it, but these days, i’d rather sleep inside my comfy bed and watch tv and relaxing.

i know i know.. i have tons of pictures to upload. i haven’t updated my blog, my movies411, even my pik-of-da-wik.. and i actually have TONS of pictures from the snow storm we just had this past weekend. i’ll try to upload them as soon as i can. but no promise. my life doesn’t revolve around blog world *sarcastic mode* so if i can’t manage to do it, then it’ll just have to wait. hihi…

this weekend we had two days of fucking snow storm!! i love it, it’s the slush after it stops that i hate. with all of these snow laying around, it got me thinking of snowboarding this weekend, but with who? all the peeps i know who would love to go are in school and they’re having final week so maybe the week after. besides i’m dead broke from all the shopping spree i did last week. haha! can’t waste the sale season, yo! i got myself not just one but TWO boots, one knee-high black pointy boots and a stylin’ dark brown mid-calf ones… on top of the two kate spade bags, sweaters and some kitchen stuff from bed, bath & beyond. and i actually have managed to avoid gucci‘s private sale too. it will only do bigger damage to my bank account *grin*. besides, even though the snow fell for about 20 inches, it looks like most of them are almost gone, at least that’s how it is in the city (read: manhattan). the temperature has gone up again, so i guess it melts faster than it should. although i’m sure it would be so nice to go up the hill and go down on my snowboard. 😀 well.. we’ll see.

alright then, that’s it from me, peeps! gotta go back crunching those numbers again. i don’t know when i can upload the pictures, it looks like i have to re-install and upgrade my computer at home.. actually, i shoulda bought a new one, if only i have extra 700 bux to spend. well, if i do i’d rather spend it on something else *if you know whatta mean*.. hahah.. women!

oh one other thing.. my previous entry was only a fiction, besides even if it’s not, why would you expect me telling y’all about my fantasy? come on! that wouldn’t sound like sLesTa, would it?

:: sLesTa

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