Lord of The Rings Weekend

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it was muthafuckin’ cold. but it didn’t stop us to leave the apartment as early as 9am. as i looked today’s temperature on tv, it shows that it was 1F outside. damn. gotta bundle up. and we did.

by 10.05am we reached alice tully hall in lincoln square. we rushed in to our seats as we heard people already clapping their hands inside. as we walked in, elijah wood and sean astin were already on stage and talked to us about their experiences during the filming of this movie. after several minutes, the movie starts. apparently, we were not able to take pictures although i managed to take the pics while they were on stage. too bad it wasn’t clear enough. so sorry, can’t share any pictures here..

yes, it was saturday, january 10 when i got the opportunity to meet and greet the cast of the lord of the rings. i found out the event from one of the mailing list i joined and tried to get the tickets. it was sold out at first. and i lost all hope. especially that viggo mortensen *sluurrp* and peter jackson were scheduled to appear. after a week, one afternoon.. i tried to call the box office and got the tickets for the first two shows. unfortunately, i found out later that viggo and peter won’t be able to appear. viggo was definitely a no-show while peter would only appear via satellite as he was in his hometown, new zealand. oh well.. at least the ensemble to appear is getting bigger. liv tyler (arwen), elijah wood (frodo), sean astin (sam), andy serkis (gollum), and bernard hill (theoden) will be there.

the fact that saturday was the coldest day for the past 5 years didn’t bother us to go (the temperature was never more than a single digit for the whole day!!). me & dis excitedly went and met them. and saw the movies that we have seen for god-knows-how-many among the hardcore fans of the trilogy (i’ve seen rotk 3 times in theater already! hihi). and it was fun and totally different when you are watching it among the fans. besides, they were showing the extended version of the first two sequels which is even better.

too bad we couldn’t get any pictures. we didn’t get to see liv tyler either cuz we couldn’t get the ticket for the last screening in which she’s scheduled to appear. on top of that, we have to leave cuz we have to go to a farewell party of 3 of our friends who will be leaving this city for good within a week or two. and it just completes our whole day in the cold as we didn’t get out of the club until around 4am.

my friends are already tired listening to me talking about lord of the fucking rings .. as they would call it. hahhaah.. but i surely can’t stop. as you all know, i love movies. but i love literature even more. the fact that this movie is based on a literary novel.. the most popular novel of the 20th century.. just gives a big plus in my eyes. and the fact that the director and the whole cast ensemble give a good translation to whatever details tolkien wrote in the book.. i just had to tip my hats off. it’s been a while that i’ve seen such a quality movie, especially adapted from a book (well, cold mountain is also based on a book and a good adaptation on a movie… but LOTR is a very complicated book, i must say). and this would be a special one on my page. the fact that the academy doesn’t recognize a blockbuster & a fantasy movie comes the awards time.. well, it’s their lost. i do believe that this trilogy is one of the best since star wars and the godfather trilogies. i know people still couldn’t get the grandness of LOTR trilogy. well, you have to know tolkien and literature to understand how someone can create such a fantasy and in such details (even to create a language entirely in the book). and the fact that peter jackson has transformed it to movies, it’s not an easy task.. especially when he does it down to a tiny detail in every screen .. that’s a good directing and he deserves the recognition for it.

anyways.. what am i yabbering about? hihih.. sorry, i just can’t seem to stop talking when it comes to LOTR. so i’ll stop now.

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