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ternyata blogging udah menjadi wabah juga nih among the indonesian in new york city. for a while this blog used to be my sanctuary and a place to interact with other fellow bloggers who i only know in virtual life. now i get more and more real-life friends who become bloggers. i’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now and i always heard about the gathering this or that in indonesia. something that i would never think would happen here. turns out there are quite many of them now that i think we can start having a so-called ‘gathering’ just like blogbugs community, bbv in bandung or angkringan in yogya. who knows mungkin aja jadi ada “indonesian in nyc bloggers” community. plenty of them are still fresh to this blogging thing.. several have been known in the virtual world for a while. mau tau sapa aja nih yang fellow indonesian bloggers in nyc? here they are…

[axlandra]. or simply known as aXL. i came in contact with her through email which she sent to me.. well, maybe about a year or two ago. she stumbled upon my blog while looking for information about the then recently-opened warteg in nyc. she emailed me, told me she liked my blog, and finally she became one. if she didn’t email me, i would know nothing about her.. but it turns out she was going out with a guy i know *her hubby now*.. who happens to be one of my ex-boyfriend’s friend in high school, my senior in high school, and an ex-roommate of my ex-roommate’s boyfriend. complicated? well.. it is.. that’s just how small world is. i met her after swapping emails for a while.. it turned out she was pregnant with dylan at the time. sayang ampe sekarang gue belom sempet nengokin dylan. sorii yaa taaa.. but i will i will…!! šŸ™‚

[denny]. nope, not my brother denny. it’s the other denny, dridza that is. he’s a fresh blogger. liat aja entry nya baru 3 biji tuh. hehehe.. tapi sepertinya dia udah lama juga ngamatin blog nih. he’s a programmer who’s currently looking for a job. in the meantime, he’s the current webmaster for the recently refreshed PERMIAS NYC after its 3 years of idle status. gue kenal ama denny udah lamaaa… maybe one of the first folks i know when i first came to nyc. dia ini bisa dibilang “sesepuhnya” nyc.. soalnya udah lama banget disini.. ya kan den?

[mr. dxpx] aka mr. d aka darius trucker aka d.Lo aka .. all other name starts with D. i simply call him by his real name, daniel. he’s the one who introduced me to this blog thing. it starts when he created a blog called “manhattan corporate slaves” for everyone to enter about their days in the office. tapi ternyata gatot berat karena yang ngisi cuman gue ama dia. so after a while, he closed it down and created his own page… and i followed him soon after. he’s a talented film maker who actually holds his degree in business. a good friend, selalu rame, dan the other person i know with tons of supply of one of those crunchy jokes. a true character. sayang dia udah ga tinggal di new york lagi, walopun masih sekolah disini. dan juga jarang update blog nya lagi, walopun kadangĀ² suka nongol dengan sepatah ato dua kata. danieelll.. kemana aja sih dese neeikk?? eke kangen niihhhh… kapan mau ketemuan kitaaa??

[jm3]. known to me as jamie. the youngest blogger i know in nyc so far. i first met her when in december 2002 when i first met up with finia. temen nya finia ini ternyata emang udah lama disini. she’s a musician as she’d like to be known. she has great voice, writes great lyrics, plays guitar .. dan ruaammmee banget deh anaknya!

[jeki]. jeki is actually his nick name. sebenernya gue baru tau kalo dia yang namanya jeki. hueheheheh padahal namanya sering banget gue denger soalnya dia sering hangout ama adek gue juga.

[lanterna]. the most bachelor blogger in nyc. heuheheh.. known to me as kemal who also happens to be the president of PERMIAS NYC for 2004-2005 term. dia ini ternyata stalker nya hihihi.. soalnya diemĀ² sejak dia tau gue punya blog, dia sering baca postingan gue.. trus setiap ketemu pasti ngebahas. dan ampe hapal gue nulis apa aja. heuahahah.. ampe akhirnya punya blog sendiri. i’ve known him for a while now. walopun kayaknya baru sekarang lebih sering komunikasi.. sayang nih kayaknya dia sibuk banget *apa sok sibuk ya?* soalnya blog nya jarang banget di apdet. yah maklum lah.. pak ketu sih.. hihihi.. *peace mal, i’m just bustin’ ur chops here!*

[lina]. i bet you all know this girl. cuz she’s been a blogger for a while too. i can’t even remember how i stumbled upon her blog. yang pasti kita jadi sering mengunjungin blog masing2 for more than a year now. sayangnya kita belom pernah ketemu. padahal udah sering janjian mau ketemu tapi ga jadiĀ² terus nih. even when wulan was here. kapan dong nih liiinnn kita ketemuan??

[loucee]. the story how i met her is a funny one. in the real life, i just know her for ony several months now. but i’ve heard about her waaayyy before we finally met face-to-face. i even had an entry about her in october 2002. it’s a letter from her close friend in jakarta that was written to her in their almamater mailing list. how i got this letter? well.. the person wants to remain anonymous *you know who you are*. yang pasti ternyata loucee ini satu almamater ama ex-boyfriend gue and that friend of hers? i ended up chatted with him online from time to time.. and turns out to be an ex-boyfriend of a fellow blogger yang mayan “ngetop” di dunia maya ini. i shoulda met her a while ago, cuz when i first met her.. it only took us a cup of coffee, desserts and 3-hour convo to keep us wonder if maybe.. juustt maybe we were friends in our past life before. cuz we just clicked. hence, she’s now my in-house designer *huehehehe* and i help her with blogging.. even hosting her blog.

[mar]. well, actually she’s not exactly a blogger. but she maintains a website that gives info about the underground asian musician in nyc. a funky gal. she’s one of my oldest & dearest friend here. and she has maintained the site for a while now.

[roby]. nah ini blogger lama juga. tapi gue belom pernah ketemu juga. padahal dia kenal ama beberapa temen yang gue udah kenal lama, including denny dan loucee, even kemal. roby ini baru aja jadi bapak buat si kecil toby dan dia lagi ngambil phd di columbia university. thesis nya dia ttg “small world” benerĀ² interesting banget.. dia ini juga mayan ngetop loh. heheh.. garaĀ² thesisnya ampe di wawancara di cnn dan masuk bermacemĀ² koran di indonesia.

[tika]. nah tika ini ga laen dan ga bukan adalah istrinya roby, mamanya toby. kalo gue aja blom pernah ketemu ama roby, berarti ama tika juga belom. heheheh..

[taufik]. another new blogger. gue sih baru aja kenal ama dia. maybe even less than a month. tapi ternyata asik juga anaknya. yang pasti he has interest in books. a trait i rarely find in indonesian kids in nyc, well, indonesian kids in general, maybe. cuman sayang.. udah dua kali ke rumah gue minggu ini.. dia lupa mulu mau minjem buku katanya. padahal my book case stands tall in the living room. huehehhe.. next time ya fik!

whooohh… *ngusep keringet* ternyata mayan banyak juga nih. harusnya pasti ada lagi beberapa orang laen.. maybe! who knows. kan lebih seru ya kalo rame. we don’t really need gathering i guess.. cuz we meet each other almost every week.. at least for those whom i already know. sebenernya ada 2 orang yang mesti gue mention juga nih. dian pras yang tadinya tinggal di upstate new york (well, not exactly new york city.. but still anak new york laahhh). gue udah pernah ketemu ama dia waktu dia sempet jalanĀ² ke nyc summer kemaren. tapi dian ini udah balik ke jakarta. begitu juga dengan thalia. she’s a one hell of a talented designer. i haven’t met her soalnya sebelom gue sempet ketemuan dia udah keburu ninggalin nyc. maybe someday we’ll meet in jakarta.

so far tinggal 3 orang blogger yang disini yang gue belom ketemu nih.. gimana kalo kita janjian ketemu bareng?? .. itungĀ² gathering pas acara movie night di KJRI tanggal 27 maret ini. *tuh mal acaranya udah ke promosi ama gue!* ini acara fund-raising PERMIAS NYC dan acara pertama mereka sejak terbentuknya kepengurusan baru. yuk dateng yuukkk.. biar saling kenalan and won’t be strangers no more. who knows we may have passed each other on the streets before. just go to permias’ site for more info..

horeee.. yuk gathering yuuukkk.. biar ga kalah ama anakĀ² blogger di indo. *wink wink* well, guys.. welcome to the virtual world of blogging.

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