Sucky Sucky Five Dollah

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>> picture taken on: march 27 2004

>> photographer: paw

>> event: late dinner at wo-hop restaurant

>> place: mott street, chinatown (in front of wo-hop)

on our late night binge [as in 2 a.m. late] after a permias‘ movie nite event, we encountered a bunch of kids showing a big carton sign on their hands. we’re not exactly sure why they did it, i guess it was probably just one of their weekend pranks to have cars to honk when they pass them by. we saw them as we got out from wo-hop restaurant. and i took a picture of them right away, and they were more than willing to let me do that. after a while, a bunch of us were posing with them. the sign says: “honk if you love sucky sucky five dollar” [if you love south park as much as i do, this was the line from cartman when he becomes the vietnamese child prostitute with the famous line.. sucky sucky one dollah…].. and the cars did honk!! i don’t know if they got the sucky sucky for five dollar or not, though! hehehe..

top [left-right]: kemal, the banner kids, denny [far right]

bottom [left-right]: loucee, sLesTa, arif, saras, jamie, taufik.

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