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after a decade of watching six young new yorkers grow close, and six unknown actors become TV’s best known faces, “friends” leaves us the ending we’ve been wanting for and the picture perfect of “friends” we all want to experience, even if it was only on TV.

yet the comedies that have lasted longest, and earned their audience’s fiercest loyalty, have been those rooted in character, not gimmick. from its inception, “friends” has followed that path, taking an ensemble cast of relative unknowns to global recognition.. and on a first-name basis.

audience have said goodbyes to many wonderful TV sitcoms there was. our generation grew up with 6 characters that holds dear to our hearts because the characters was so real that they were the “friends” we always wanting to see. this year marks many goodbyes to TV’s most adorable shows.. and the two are the pictures of friends live in new york city. 4 girlfriends in “sex and the city” and the six of “friends” who hangs out at central perk.

“friends” is one of the shows i know that can really make me laugh out loud even after watching the re-runs over and over again. the characters are so rooted to each one of them that we all can just relate to. there’s no other shows where the ensemble are so equal to each other that we cannot say that one is better than the other. they managed to stick with the original casts for the whole decade, and got the same amount of zeros in their paycheck, equally. their chemistry on TV was just as good as how their chemistry off screen, they have become the real “friends” and the picture perfect relationship we all want to have. well, maybe not picture perfect.. but their friendship is the kind that touches all of us and set the example of how life is with “friends”.

the show finale was one hour long, and it was okay. i thought it was funny with few punch lines here and there. not exactly one of their best shows but i love how the writer really puts it all the way to the end to finally reunite the most wanted ending scenes audience wanted. and the small surprise on the twins. it was a goodbye.. with a happy feeling.

just a little known fact about the show:

  • although it was set in new york city, the show was actually taped in LA.
  • there is no coffee shop called “central perk” in new york city, although central park is in new york city. it’s that huge park in the middle of the city.
  • in the pilot, the center love attraction was meant for monica and joey, but the chemistry was not exactly what they were looking for, so it moves to the next couple.. yeah, ross and rachel
  • i find it interesting to see that the writer maintained every little detail of the character to be consistent from the beginning to the end. except i found one little flaw. remember in the beginning when rachel came in the picture in a wedding gown and saw chandler? both rachel and chandler did not recognize each other and had to be introduced by monica, but then in the next season, the flashback shows that they have met because ross have mentioned chandler as the “love of his life” during college and they even met during the thanksgiving dinner at the gellers. i always wonder why they dont’ recognize each other in the beginning.
  • monica’s apartment is a nice big apartment and definitely not the case when you live in new york living with a chef’s salary, well unless if you’re a big-shot chef. however, it was explained over and over again that the apartment was a rent-controlled, which means it was priced cheaper because it was their nana’s apartment. too bad ross didn’t take the apartment at the end. that’s a waste of a nice big apartment with rent-controlled..
  • do you know that joey is the only character who has kissed everyone, even the boys?
  • last but not least, while monica & chandler finally moved to their new house with their newly adopted babies, ross & rachel back together, phoebe married to mike, joey is the only one left without someone in his arms. so what happen to joey? well.. he’s going hollywood and you can see more of him in his own TV show, conveniently called.. JOEY. we’ll see him on the next season, david schwimmer even directed a couple of episodes.
  • have you got more interesting facts on “friends”? please do.. share!

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