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the past few days the weather has been freaking hot. hot.. hot.. hot and very humid. well it also comes along with few showers and thunderstorms, but hey, at least i got to come to the office on my sandals and skirts and t-shirts (thank God for casual dress code!). no more heavy jackets. finally, the summer is just right around the corner. well, officially .. summer doesn’t start until june, but it sure feels like summer when it’s 80 degrees outside and people starts wearing flip flops and tank tops on the street.

as much as i love going outdoors during summer, i hate how the weather feels. sticky, humid, hot. but i gotta admit, summer time means “play” time. i enjoy my summer here. especially in new york city where you just can’t run out of ideas to do. and summer time means, beaches, concerts, picnics, parks, camping, more beaches, more concerts… so far i have 3 concerts i have bought tickets for. the strokes on may 19 at central park summer stage, incubus on june 25 at MSG, and john mayer w/ maroon 5 on august at jones beach theater. i’m still figuring out if i want to see more. actually they have sting & annie lennox performing on july, but the ticket is so damn expensive. besides i’ve seen them two in the past before, so i guess i can pass and rather use the money to watch other concerts i haven’t gone. oz fest is also right around the corner, but i’m not going again. the lineup is too hardcore for my taste. and i’ve been trying to get tickets to see diana krall too. keep forgetting to stop by at radio city music hall everytime.

summer time also means movie time, except that i’d rather spend my time outside of the movie theaters. troy is coming out this weekend. one of the must-see movie of this year. i’ve been waited for ths movie since i saw the trailer.. last year! the premiere night was on last monday at ziegfield theater. as much as i want to go there and maybe catch a glimpse of brad pitt or maybe orlando bloom (who turned out didn’t come to the premiere), i failed to go. well, despite the fact that i didn’t get the tickets, loucee was kinda hesitant to go with me, so we ended up just having dinner at K-town. another must-see movie: shrek 2, spiderman 2, the day after tomorrow, and i’m sure the list will go on .. tribeca film festival was just ended last weekend. again, i didn’t get to go. i so wanted to see this movie called “the pornographer” that was showing last saturday at the festival, but i had a bad allergic reaction that i ended up staying at home all day.

the good news is, my allergy is mellowing down due to the hot weather. i may spend more time outdoors as always, and that means, i may not update as much as i’d like to be (well, maybe i am, who knows?). one thing for sure, i got plans lined up for the summer.. including rafting, camping, and hey.. maybe i should plan on going home too since i got my visa revalidated, finally! who knows… ?? till then, lemme enjoy my summer. in the meantime i’m going away to boston this weekend. hope to see you there.. and don’t look for me amongst the crowd.. look for me on stage. 😉

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