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hmm.. i feel like i need to do an update for the past week. just because i’ve had some interesting things i want to share with ya.. okay, here goes..


eight of us went to boston to attend the indo night presented by permias mass. six of us, including me, came to perform a dance, called petik teh, a contemporary sundanese dance. we’ve been practicing for quite sometime, not particularly for the event, but because we want to have a sunday afternoon activity. dancing, especially traditional dance, is pretty tiring. performing a 6-minute dance that doesn’t look as hard can develop enough sweat as if i go to the gym. i actually suspend my gym account cuz i’ve been so active outside these days. i might as well.. i got my work out from walking along the streets taking pictures or our regular 3 hour practice, once a week.

anyways.. the event was a success and we had a great time in boston. the audience really like our dance, so they say.. and we’re glad to finally able to perform our hardwork.. hehe.. i actually got to see her in the crowds and we said “hi” briefly at the end of the show. too bad i didn’t see her again afterwards cuz we had to take off our costumes and prepared our trip back to new york. maybe next time ya, des? so next project? well, we’re still continue practicing although we don’t really know if we ever going to perform in the near future .. but hey, why not? i love to dance anyways.


went to see julian, nick, nikolai, albert, and of course, the fabulous fab moretti known better as the strokes. it was wednesday night at central park summer stage. the concert was the kick off for this season’s schedule for all benefit concerts in central park. sean lennon opened with his band, then the beautiful-music-with-funny-lyrics adam greene and band (i think that’s what they’re called).. known for their song, “jessica simpson”. kocak banget lirik2nya.. dan lagunya mayan bagus sih sebenernya.. cuman aduh yang nyanyi gayanya pengen gue timpuk dah.

the day starts pretty bad cuz it was raining here and there the whole day. i thought the sun was just never gonna show up. but hey.. thank God for weather channel, turns out their forecast was right on the dot. when i stepped out from my office a little before 6pm, the sun came out and straight i went to meet up with owob & den in front of the central park entrance near the plaza. the crowd starts filling up after the second opening act and man.. there were just too many “ABG”. kenapa ya? padahal the strokes is not exactly “ABG” kinda of music. maybe because they’re playing hometown and their neigborhood, the upper east side kids? the spoiled brats from the wealthy family. i don’t know…. tapi lucu juga sih liat mereka. pada isengĀ² bandel, nyundutin orangĀ², and they tried to smoke up cuz it looks cool or so they thought.. and then when a guy passed by with 4 glasses of beer, one of them begged for him to sell a glass and shoved 10bux in his pocket. hueheh.. it’s ironic that they can smoke but can’t buy beer yet.

anyways.. so the band came out 15-to-9. the crowd started to move further up and we kept on hearing these “ABG” girls behind us singing all of their songs. man.. those girls were L-O-U-D. one thing for sure, my eyes focused only on fab. he came out with a shaved head and looked good on his red t-shirt. untungnya gue berdiri looking straight to him behind his drum set, so i can get a clearer picture of him. they’re playing good and relaxed that night .. i can tell, cuz julian keeps saying how good it is to be at home. they smoked and drank champagne in between songs. i tried to get a good picture of the band, but with people keep moving around me, it’s pretty hard and came out blurry. but anyways, you can check ’em out here

they played most of their songs.. and at one point i think they ran out of songs to play cuz their songs are relatively short. from “the end has no end”, “12:51”, “is this it”, “reptilia”, “the modern age”, “soma”, well just pretty much all of the songs they have on their 2 albums. so it was all good. they sound exactly how they do on the record.. i guess it’s due to their simple song writing. and the funny thing is.. i always wonder if they use something to make julian‘s voice sound like a recording or somewhat.. it turns out.. that’s just how he sounds like, even when he’s not singing. weird, huh?


since i came back from boston, i’ve been staying up really late after work. well, yeah.. one of the night because i had that “date” with fab.. hihi.. the others were because i was fixing permias nyc‘s website. these active kids are planning to have another “movie nite”. and the movie? ARISAN!. if you live around nyc and want to come by to see the movie.. just visit the site.

too bad i still haven’t received a copy you sent me. kemana ya?

:: sLesTa

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