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>> picture taken on: may 30, 2004

>> photographer: owob

>> event: rafting trip down hudson river creek

>> place: hudson river

oh hey, i skipped a week till finally update this pikofdawik page. well, this time it’s not so much about the skilled photography picture, it’s more of a memorable picture we took during our camping & rafting trip. this picture was taken when we stopped on our 17 miles trip to hop on this huge rock and each of us made a jump. on the picture (l-r): hanum, arif, denny, kemal, sLesTa, loucee, adin, and nita. amy, our instructor with the sunglasses, knelt down in front of us. and some guy we don’t know (probably from another rafting boat) in a yellow helmet. owob took this picture from our rafting boat.

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