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hey.. a little break on my “writing” ya. i just want to write a lil’ update about me here. as you probably have seen from the message on the tag-board, pikofdawik or even on my comments on the replied messages, yes.. i’m back home, in my homeland, jakarta. i have decided (hardly) to leave my beloved new york city and come back to my so-called “home”. so here i am. it’s a decision that i made with my own reasons. people keep asking me why i decided to go home when i’m already settled in nyc. with a good position in a good company, and a greencard application still processing in the immigration. i decided to leave them all, because i decided it’s time. though i have to accept the decision i made, it’s a hard decision to make.. even after i step foot on my homeland, it’s still hard to come to terms with it. though i know, eventually, i managed to accept it through period of adjustments. currently, i’ve just been doing nothing.. just trying to adjust to the life here and well.. yeah, looking for a job, maybe. but mostly, i’m just trying to enjoy my time before i start my hectic life here.

i will update my site, bit by bit, within period of time cuz the drawback of going backhome is to find myself dialing up to get to the internet, and of course, it sucks big time. but i’m trying to manage. i know i have to update my “about” page.. well, i will eventually.

if you have been coming to my site regularly, you all notice that i’ve been posting a lot of short writings in indonesian. these are my writing samples. after resigning from my job in nyc, i spent a lot of times for my photography hobby and of course, on my writing. gue jadi pengen lebih mendalami menulis dalam arti kata, menggunakan bahasa indonesia yang baik dan mencari style tulisan gue dalam bahasa ibu gue ini. i’m doing this just because i know i have all the time in the world to pursue this.. while i’m still temporary retired. hehehe.. no purpose in particular.. and these writings are fictional. some may involve my feelings toward the city i left behind, but most are just a made-up feeling that i gathered from people surround me, movies i saw, or just purely fictional, but none from me. so please do not ask me that my writings are my own stories.. cuz they’re not.

i’ve been blogging for quite sometime now and i manage not to put out my personal life out there.. why would i start now? i may write in symbols, and it’s up to the readers to make the assumption.. but know this.. blogging for me is just a media for my writing. i write almost everyday about anything.. most of the times, nothing. so when i update my blog, it’s usually a sample of those writings in my library that i think fit to show how i feel that week, or that day.. or even.. just because i want to put that writing up. i know that many bloggers take blogging as an online journal, a media to put how they feel so that they can go back and read about their life before… and it’s up to the blog owner to do that. unfortunately, though i used my blog as an online journal in the beginning, i managed to separate my personal life.. cuz in the end, it’s just too personal and too risky to be put up for strangers to see.. and i don’t think i can have that, especially that i am a reserved person in the first place. though, it shifts to become a media for my thoughts.. these days, it becomes a media for my writing. so whether you enjoy it or not.. i’m glad you’ve come for a visit and comment on my writing.. ur critics are a good motivation for me and an inspiration to write more.. and maybe better.

lagian, this is a perfect way to get your opinion of my writing.. daripada gue simpen menuh2in hard drive aja.. mendingan di share kan? hehe.. 😉

peace out!

:: sLesTa

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