Menyambut Lebaran

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>> picture taken on: october 29, 2004

>> photographer: sLesTa

>> event: menyambut lebaran

>> place: my parents’ house

every year, my parents always prepare the so-called “bingkisan” or a parcel to be given to the less-fortunate people. mom would list the names of people that she gathers from visiting them to kampung-kampung then she would invite them over to our house and give them gifts and a bit of money so they can spend their lebaran nicely. it’s part of being a muslim.. to give away tidings (zakat) once a year, and what would be a better time than during the month of ramadhan?

the picture above is one of many “packages” that we personally bought, put together and wrapped before we gave them to the needy. and it was a really wonderful feeling to look at their faces when they receive it. we hope they can celebrate lebaran a little better this year. (taken by nikon d70: shutter 1/15, aperture f 4.5)

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