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>> picture taken on: december 5, 2004

>> photographer: sLesTa

>> event: first picture hunting in jakarta

>> place: lapangan parkir mesjid istiqlal

ah yess… this picture marks my official announcement that i am back in my homeland. i may not in the “city that never sleeps” anymore.. but sLesTa is still in the city. 🙂

after over a month back in my homeland, jakarta, i was finally able to walk around the “kota” and had my first hunting activity since i’m here. my target was the city’s old station house (stasiun jakarta kota), museum of jakarta, then off to istiqlal mosque and the cathedral church. it was sunday morning and i was accompanied with my best friend who i trusted to show me the way how to get to these places. it was hot. but the weather was really nice.. i can actually see the blue sky for once.

took quite many pictures.. i’m glad i can capture some nice ones, though i am still producing the pictures. this one.. though not as nice as it should be.. i thought would be a good opening. you see that monument and you know.. it was taken in jakarta. and that’s where i am now. others may follow.. so stay tune. i haven’t really updated anything .. i know. it’s just that.. going online is a luxury here, but it’s gonna change soon. so, please pardon the delay, but i’ll come back full force.. 🙂

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