My Valentine’s Day

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they say valentine’s day is the day of love
they say valentine’s day is the day to express your love to someone
they say valentine’s day is the day when you share your love to your loved ones
they say valentine’s day is the day you spend time with the one you love

people around me said “happy valentine’s day” today
people around me spent time sending sms in the morning to wish happy valentine’s day to their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, family and friends.. probably even everyone in their phone book
people around me looked nicer today
people around me were busy making reservation to have dinner for 2 for tonight
people around me were wearing pink
people around me had roses in their hand


today.. i went to work like i’ve always been everyday
today.. i wore black pants and white shirt with a hint of brown stripes on it
today.. i sent sms to my friends saying i’m staying home tonight instead of catching a movie with them
today.. i visited my doctor who prescribed me a cough medicine
today.. i kissed my mom before i go to work, just like how i always do everyday
today.. i sms-ed my bestfriends and asked them how they are doing, something i do almost every morning
today.. i called my brother asking him how he’s been
today.. i am spending the day like how it was yesterday and the day before and the day before that

i spent today like any other day..
cuz everyday is my valentine’s day

:: sLesTa

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