Simply Complicated

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you can’t choose who to love. you can’t choose when to love. you can’t choose how to love. you can’t choose love. it just comes to you when you least expected. it comes to you when you open the door while embracing morning. it comes to you when the mood is right, the aura is right, and the chemistry is right. it comes to you when the moment is for love.

you can’t choose love. but when it comes to you .. why does it still hurt? why does it make you do crazy things? why does it make you think irrationally? why is it difficult to accept it? why love complicates things sometimes.. while it simplifies others? as someone wise said to me, love is complex. but its complexity is yet simple as its simplicity is as complex as it comes. confuse? well, the answer is simple. love is simply complicated, yet it’s complicatedly simple. still confuse?

try to fall in love once. when you find those knots in your stomach. when you want to be with that other person every single time you have. when having him smile at you is the best moment of the day, yet.. telling him how you feel would complicate things…

ahhh… falling in love.. the best feeling in the world but it’s the worst feeling when you’re still wondering how he feels. simply, it’s just complicated.

till then, i just want to simplify my life, less the complexity. i just can’t choose love.. it comes to me when i least expected.

jakarta, november 3, 2004 — taken from my writing scrap

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