Masquerade: Till We Meet Again!

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>> picture taken on: september 25, 2004
>> photographer: paw
>> event: road trip across USA in 10 days
>> place: new orleans

this picture was taken almost a year ago. a picture of myself among the masks at one of the stores in the streets of new orleans. this was the time when i was at the verge of my final decision of returning back home.

now, i’ve been here for 9 months now. gak kerasa yaa…… i’m still adjusting, but i’m getting used to everything. including, the limited time for me to sit down in front of my computer, updating my blog (which i guess.. hardly! heheeh), cuz my time is spent on the road, due to traffic jams (yeah yeah.. blame it on the traffic jam!).

but as hard as it is.. i have to say it: till we meet again…!

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