On Hiatus or Not On Hiatus?

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yes.. that is the question!!

since i started blogging 4 years ago, i’m always against the idea of having my blog to be announced “on hiatus”. tho, i was very productive, the idea of not being able to update my blog was never cross my mind. i can consider myself as a productive writer, well.. blog-writer that is. but i can’t seem to keep up after i decided to move back to my beloved country. to me, hiatus doesn’t have to be announced, cuz you don’t have to keep blogging everyday. afterall, it is your blog and only you are the boss of the blog. you can blog or not blog.. it’s up to you. just don’t update it, if you can’t. or update two, three times a day, if you will.

you see, blogging.. was never my extension as online diary, as many view blogging these days. back then, blogging was not as popular as today, and i developed my love in blogging as a way to express my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings, into words. and i truly enjoy for having a blog to write them and share them to people i only know online.

over the years, i began to know these regulars in person. several became very good friends, one became a co-worker, some became professional writers, some became the regular critics, and most become friends not only in cyberworld, but in real life. and there are still many i can only know by changing emails or chatting online.

however, after i decided to move back to jakarta, i find it hard to update my blog. not because i can’t go online, or i’m not that productive in writing anymore.. but i’m just too tired from the whole day at work and the stressfull on the road in between traffic jam. i just couldn’t handle opening up my laptop to update my blog regularly. my work requires me to travel most of the time, and even if i don’t go anywhere, i just don’t have time to go online at work. hence, unintentionally i’ve abandoned my blog.

so, sadly… i have to make the decision. i have to at least announce it that i will be on my “hiatus” status until undefinite time. tho, i will keep checking this website. you can always contact me through the tag-board, the comment tool, or through email. i’ll be more than happy to get them and i promise i will reply them regularly. but i can’t promise that i can update this blog regularly. so for now.. you have to settle with the same “pikofdawik” and entry of my blog just how they are now.

i hope this wouldn’t be my last entry. although you can count that anytime you type “slesta.com” it will be there to show you the same layout as i have for the past 2 years… 😀

till then… till we meet again… I’M CURRENTLY ON HOLD TILL FURTHER NOTICE!

thanks for checkin’ in, ya’ll!

:: sLesTa

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