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>> picture taken on: august 20, 2005
>> photographer: sLesTa
>> event: weekend with co-workers
>> place: carita beach

on a recent outbound with members of my team at work to anyer beach, i tried to finally get in touch with my artistic soul. after some long months, i finally able to grab my camera and try to get pictures i found interesting around me.

this one is my favorite from the trip. but why just feet? well.. to answer it simply.. cuz those feet don’t pose. you see, the thing that i hate the most when i try to shoot an object is to find people start posing in front of the camera. and i myself, don’t like posed pictures. i like it natural, candid, and just the way it is. so when i let my co-workers walked along the beach and bonded with each other, i tried to capture the closeness among them by shooting their feet. cuz right now.. i can tell whose feet those are.. cuz i know them well enough.

this is the reflections of our friendship and togetherness we’ve created that weekend.

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