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aaannd… whaddaya know?? i guess once a blogger, always a blogger. even after i decided that i’m on hiatus.. i created a blog ABOUT my hiatus. how confusing is that? hehehe…

okay, so here’s the story. slesta [dot] com is currently on hold. it’s on hiatus. it’s on “under construction” status. cuz i’m planning a face-lift, unfortunately, till god-knows-when.. cuz i myself is facing a limited time to do any re-constructions. hopefully by year end. but in the meantime, i’m thinking that i should just not update anything here.. but then again.. once a blogger.. always a blogger.... so to fullfill my self-indulgence of writing.. i created a hiatus blog, using the free service of blogger[dot]com this time.

so until i can launched the “new face of sLesta[dot]com”, i will update my writing here. it may not be updated as regularly, but at least it’s updated pretty often.

why would i do this, you ask? well.. i dunno exactly.. maybe because i’m bored. and why blogspot? well.. i dunno that either. it happens when i felt like writing something after i decided to be on “hiatus”.. and i ended up updating it pretty often. tapi sesuai dengan judulnya “while on hiatus” you might not find the sLesTa you know. i’ll be more freely in writing.. just whatever.. short, long.. doesn’t matter. cuz this time.. i’m writing just as is.. not thought of. so maybe you’ll tell me which sLesTa you’ll like better.. while on hiatus or not?? either way, i’ll be back in my regular channel. till then.. check me out at:


psst… pikofdawik will be updated often enough though.. cuz for photography, i have plenty stock of… 😉

:: sLesTa

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