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since i started blogging, i never really keep track of how long i’ve been doing it. i see people celebrated their blog, but i never do. not that i don’t want to, i just don’t remember. well, yes, if you see the archives, you’ll find that my first blogging experience started in january 2002. the fact is, i was blogging even before that, although it was mostly a group blog. if i have to look back… it was a good friend of mine who invited me to my first blog experience. a bunch of us just started working in new york city. most of us didn’t know each other through college. through friends, we met, and manhattan gathered us. having to go through the same experiences… just started a job in manhattan, living with your own expense, the hype of earning your own money and don’t know what to do with it, the wonder what to do after work, and so on and so forth… these experiences bonded us. we used to hangout everytime we can.. but only on weekends. being the professional that we are (yaahaa!), we rarely met during weekdays… but we did communicate through email. since there were a lot of us (i don’t remember how many of us! but at least it was almost 10 headcounts), we used to exchanged mass email messages everyday. it was a fun intermezzo in between our hectic days. after a while, one of them, a good friend of mine, found out about blogger and created a page for us. the idea was to share our daily experiences at work at one group page instead of exchanging email every half an hour. yes, after a while, those emails can be quite annoying. the blog was properly called “manhattan corporate slaves“. it was fun for me to start writing there. unfortunately.. i ended up being the other person (other than the creator) who actively updated the blog. after a while, it went dead.

that’s when i started to think.. maybe i should have my own. and there it was, in early 2002, i created my own blog and finally posted my first entry in my own blog. i had no idea how popular it would get… blogging in general, i mean. back then, not many people know what blog is. the community of bloggers, especially indonesian bloggers, was still very small. in fact, we may even know each other quite well as we interact by visiting each other’s blogs on daily basis. some were even becoming friends in real life. over the years, i do get to know many of them, met them in person… many become real friends, this girl even became one of my dearest friends, many i’ve only chatted or emailed each other regularly, but never met due to location, even one became my co-worker, though we no longer work in the same office now.

right now, blogging is as popular as ever. i see new blogs published left and right. and the used-to-be-close-knit group of indonesian bloggers, have expanded into a wide group. it’s good, i guess, but i barely know anybody now, except for those who’ve blogged at the same time, if not earlier than i was. not to mention that i just don’t have as much time as before to be in front of the computer and surf the blogs. my blog has experienced hiatus (finally!).. and back! people ask me how am i able to keep updated my blog. well, it’s just a habit, i guess. i got used to write things.. write my thoughts, write what i feel… i just can’t think of doing it anywhere but through blog, though i don’t do it as often as before now.

not too long ago, during my hiatus period, i finally felt the urge to start writing again. even though i created a hiatus blog, i rarely updated it.. and it was just not suitable for me because i know it was a temporary page. i also ended up trying to visit some of the blogs i used to visit everyday. but since most of them i have forgotten the url addres… i google them by typing in “slesta”. of course, i found many of my “old” blog friends. surprisingly, i found this entry. of course, i know who he is. we used to discuss things sometimes even involve in lengthy debate over some silly subjects,.. though i never met him in person. what surprises the most, he actually puts my blog as the top 5 of his most favorite blogs. i was really surprise by this, because i thought no one really remembers that my blog exists anymore, especially since i started missing from the blog world. and his comment was just really sweet…

sekarang alamat barunya saya lupa. browser lagi kacau, sehingga gak bisa saya trace. tapi dulu, ketika sLesTa masih di New York, tulisannya selalu menyenangkan. pada masanya, dia adalah blogger indonesia yang top. sekarang aja seleb pada bikin blog, dulu sih blog membuat dia jadi seleb.

aahhhh… the good old days. though i’m not so sure how blog makes me a celeb (heck i don’t even know that the term applies to me!) but i do know one thing.. i definitely miss blogging even more. and so i decided to come back! i miss my old “fun” writings too…

:: sLesTa

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