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someone said that she needs to get used to my new color because i’ve been having my “maroon” layout for the past 3 years. someone said that this green is to bright, it just does not reflect who sLesTa is.

well, my friends.. green is my favorite color. it has been for times now, but i never dared to put green as my layout, cuz i like the warmth of my “maroon” layout.

but i insist when i asked loucee to design me a new “face”. a face just to give new refreshing self in the “new” city. it doesn’t take her a long time to create a new “face” for me, though it took me a while to finally be able to have it up and running. and it’s still not yet done. some mac users may find it disturbing to see the shifting of the below part of the page. sorry. still trying to fix it. i even had a fever over it. 🙂

well, there will be some new improvements (i hope not a lot!). but if you miss my “maroon” layout.. well, new town, new face, new life… new layout! i make peace with it, so should you.. heheh … 🙂


finally, i have completed all the necessary improvements. no more shifting layouts and hopefully, you can read the words better. stick around, y’all! 🙂

:: sLesTa

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