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hey you guys…

no, don’t be afraid. it’s still me. just me changing color… =D.
and yes.. i’m back! you see, for the past weeks, i’ve been craving to write and write more, but since my site is on hiatus, i tried to put my posting here. however, i don’t really like to put too much, cuz i won’t be able to compile all my writings from that site to this main site.

the reason why i have to put up for so long.. is because my layout is having a facelift. unfortunately, it takes longer than i thought and it’s not even done! so, as a teaser, i upgrade this layout a bit and hopefully, the new ones will be done soon enough. (yeah.. a certain someone still owe me something.. you know who you are!)

so without further ado… hopefully i can be true to my words.. i’ll be updating this site more often than the past year.

it’s good to be back!

:: sLesTa

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