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i didn’t know that the movie “minority report” had left such a big impact to the indonesian people. hell, i didn’t even know if the movie was a box office when it came out in indonesia. well, considering tom cruise was in it, maybe it was. but i just never really liked the movie very much, though the story is quite original, i think. and that exact originality that keeps popping up in my head everytime i saw the news about what’s been going on in indonesia.

i don’t know what it is.. it seems that all the demonstrations that’s been going on these days, the “sweeping” action, the “playboy” protest, FPI, FBR, and so on and so forth.. they are always protesting based on something that hasn’t taken place yet, but based on that it might happen in the future.

“yeah, let’s do another labor demo and crowd the streets of jakarta and create another total traffic jam on may 3rd, cuz government may just giving us the ‘lip service’ for not revising the labor law.. “

“let’s all go down and protest to DPR so that they won’t revise the labor law, even though the draft was not even sent to them yet!”

“oh, that playboy magazine is just full of bad image. they’ve known for the nude pictures they published in the magazine. so now they just published a magazine without any nudity in it, cuz it against the norms in indonesia. but still, we should throw rocks to their office and close them down now, cuz someday they may put nude pictures in it”. (now i’m thinking, maybe they’re protesting because there’s no nude picture in it!)

“let’s gather in front of inul’s house and yell at her, maybe even throw her out of jakarta for saying she will pose nude if the pornography law passed.”

it may happen. just in case it will happen. will, might, may. all future clauses. are indonesians are so good at predicting the future that they are acting now to stop the future misconducts? are indonesians are just so prejudiced that they will judge on people before they ever done anything yet? are we just too bored to take care of things that hasn’t happened as an escape to the real problems that has been and still happening?

i don’t know. i just don’t get it.

[photo is taken from kompas]

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