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hey guys.. i’m back from my vacation!!

unfortunately the stories must wait. it was heartbreaking to hear the news of “yogyakarta” while i was on vacation in a nice island. didn’t expect the casualties would rise up to thousands of people, but it was indeed.

my deepest condolences to the people of yogyakarta. to the victims, the family of the victims, and generally to all indonesians who’ve been through so much from the natural disasters. it seems that every year we would be hearing the bad news due to the natural disaster, something we cannot control. i think indonesians need to look back and introspect to what we have done to ignite God’s wrath upon our lands.

we should need to understand the concept of live side-by-side, among our differences. the anarchy, the fighting, and all things we have done may just triggers it. it’s God’s way of saying that we need to stop fighting over silly things for our selfish purpose.

indonesian bloggers have come together to create as a mean to help our friends in yogyakarta. please visit and help them if you can.

yogyakarta has been one of my favorite places. it is a city rich in culture and i had a wonderful time last time i visited. you can read the journal here.

god bless us all!

:: sLesTa

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