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vacation. it’s a nice thing to do to relax and get away from the routine, but one thing i hate the most about it is when the vacation’s over and you had to go back to work.. and you’ll see a pile of things you have to finish. i only took a one day vacation, but the impact was that i had to stay late from work the entire week after i returned. it was one hell of a setback after a nice relaxing 3 days vacation.

3 days?? yep. 3 days. the plan was that we left on thursday morning and came back by sunday evening. so that’s 4 days of vacation. ahh.. but one can only plan. just when we all arrived in the airport at 5.30 am and excited to think that by lunch time we’ll be arriving in lombok…, one of our friends, who happened to hold the tickets for all of us, woke up late that morning and didn’t arrive at the airport until 6.15am.. for our 6.30am flight!!! just as figured, we weren’t allowed to check in anymore so we ended up staying in the airport for another 2 hours, running around to find if there’s any free seats on any other flight to take us to surabaya and catch our connecting flight to mataram. and of course, as figured, all flights were full as it was a long weekend.

so after several phone calls, running around from terminal to terminal, and penalties paid by the late-comer, we finally got the same seats for the next day flight. same flight.. just lost one day!! fortunately, i’m inviting such a great bunch of people at this trip. we all were very supportive of each other, regardless of this one friend who blew up an entire day for us. we were still laughing and be positive towards the rest of the day. it was just a start of a great trip and a great relationships we created by the end of the trip.

the next day, making sure that everyone will be on time and awake, i called every one of them by 5AM. i made sure that they were ready and on the way to the airport. we finally got up to the plane as scheduled and arrived at mataram airport at 12.30pm. as arranged, someone from hotel vila ombak picked us up and took us to the port where we then took the speedboat to gili trawangan. the 45 minutes trip to the port was taken through the forest road and we saw a bunch of friendly monkeys on the road. the weather was wonderful and as we arrived at the port we were already amazed by the view and the beach.

20 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel with warm welcome and free refreshing drinks. the room was huge and more than enough for the four of us. the bathroom is located at the back of the room, but it’s outdoor. at first it was kinda weird to take an outdoor shower like that, thinking that someone could just peep us from the buildings across, but after a while we got used to it, thinking that there are no tall buildings around anyways. what the hell lah.. heheh.. one interesting about this hotel is that this is probably one of the nicest hotels in the island. but the showers & the running water comes from the beach. it was said in the announcement that they are using the salt water from the sea because the island has very limited sources of fresh water. since the fresh water are the supplies for the locals, they do not want to take their portion. so instead they gave us a big bowl of fresh water with separate plumbing that we can use for final wash or brushing teeth. it was a nice gesture and we really didn’t have any problem of showering with salt water, after long days at the beach…

gili trawangan is a very small island. there are not that many things to do except biking, snorkeling, swimming, or diving (but you must have licence to dive there). the total population of the island is less than 300 people. most visitors who comes to the island are foreigners. so when 4 asian girls came to this island, we sure was easily spotted. the island is so small that you probably meet up with almost everyone within short period of time. all of the restaurants are very catered to the foreigners with western servings (by plates with side dishes) and oh.. tons of wood-oven pizzas around. it’s the one thing i don’t expect from the island yet i don’t see much in jakarta.. in fact at this island i’ve tasted the best pizza so far since i’m back to my homeland. this is surprising for us, thinking that not many domestic tourists come here and we felt sorry that they had to miss such a nice view. of course since the island is very small.. you can only walk around and there’s no shops really for you to do some shopping. which was a perfect situation for us… since we didn’t want to be bothered with shopping anyways. and unlike in bali, in gili, you won’t find locals coming at you trying to offer you something. you were just left alone.

there is no motor-running vehicles allowed in the island. so you can only bike or take cidomo, a local horse carriage we may be familiar to call it as “delman” in java. so the first day we were there, we rented a bike and cycled around the island.. which only took us about an hour. we stopped for a while to catch the sunrise on the other side of the island. the sunrise is overlooking the bali island, with the sillhouette of mount agung in bali. it was just a magnificent view. we were enjoying our moment of silence as the sun set.

as i said.. there’s not that many things to do in the island except for water sports. with such clear water you just can’t stand no to be in it. and it was indeed such a marvelous vacation. 4 girls in an island and the only thing we have plenty of is spare time. we find that time runs very slow in the island. and it was really a nice change to our daily routines. one of my friends even said that she had her best sleep in the island. it was so quiet. the air is so fresh and free from pollution. the people are nice and helpful yet they give us space to do what we want to do. it was just a perfect vacation.

as for the nightlife, we tried it for one night. because the island is very small, the resto takes turns on holding parties. so the night we were there was “rudy’s pub” night. pretty much all of the visitors and locals come to this place. as expected, more foreigners than domestic tourists.. in fact, we’re probably the only domestic tourists. since we’re all 4 girls, we were really on heavy alert, just in case. regardless, we were having a wonderful time.

from this vacation i learn that sometimes you should just take a vacation where you can do absolutely nothing and enjoy what is around you. i’m lucky to have such wonderful friends and we really bonded after this trip. the overnight talk, the silence over the sunset, the sunrise over mt. rinjani’s sillhouette to start our day, watching the fishes under your feet while swimming in the clear water ocean.. it was just priceless.

so let me share 4 pictures from the trip. only 4? well.. i can only upload so much.. hehe.. hopefully i’m not too lazy to re-select them and upload them to the site. but for now.. please just enjoy the 4….

(1) these are my companions for the trip. the picture taken on the last day.. if you look closely, the background is gili meno, another island near gili trawangan.

(2) this is the sillhouette of mount rinjani in lombok island, taken during sunrise

(3) this is taken in the afternoon after the rain. can you see the rainbow?

(4) this is hotel vila ombak, taken as we drove away on the speedboat, back to lombok island to catch the flight back to jakarta. isn’t the water like what you see in the swimming pool? it’s so clear, you just always want to jump in.

oh.. hidup.. ini…

so, whaddyaknow? i actually made time to create this album after work.. so you can see the rest of the pictures of my vacation in gili trawangan. enjoy!

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