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as you may know, i’m back from another trip. but since i’m too lazy to upload the pictures, i probably wouldn’t post it until a little later.

in the meantime, like many of my trips, i always accompanied by great books. throughout my trips, it’s either i’m involved reading book(s), stole every moment i get in between the travel, or i also come home bringing a bunch of them. from my recent week-trip to bangkok, i actually finished 2 books and am currently finishing another i’ve started at the end of the trip!! since the books are good reads, i might as well review them.

“the five people you meet in heaven” by mitch albom
yes! following my recent read of the author’s first book, i moved on to his second one. and of course, it’s just great. i don’t think i need to review it anymore as most of you have read them.. and if you don’t.. well, just pick up a copy. it’s a quick read for me, as the book is not a thick one, at least for my reading habit. so it took me only 1 day to finish it.

“empress orchid” by anchee min
i read this author’s other book, titled becoming madame mao a while ago and i was really impressed with the detailed information and historical values of the chinese culture and the tale of a chinese women who holds a high place as a wife of a chinese famous leader, mao tse tung. empress orchid, however, tells a tale of a girl whose extraordinary look and talent landed her in the kingdom as one of the emperor’s concubine, and then became one of the most powerful empress. it was based on the real historical information and i just can’t take the book down when i was reading it. i found myself stealing some moments to read it everytime i could in between my travel time.

“the devil wears prada” by lauren weisberger
i know about this book since it first came out. i was still in new york then and this book was a big hit. it actually came out during my obsession with classic literary books period that i didn’t think i would read this popular book yet. even when i flipped to every copy when i visited the book stores back in new york or in jakarta or even in singapore and kuala lumpur, i still didn’t buy a copy. then i heard this book was now adapted to a movie. well, even then i thought i’d just watch the movie. but then i realized, the book must be good to be made to a movie. so i figured i should just read the book, cuz it must be much better than just watching it in the movie. so i finally bought a copy in bangkok. now i’m still reading it. i’m half way done through the book and although i know that this is an international best seller, i’m just getting annoyed on how the author portrays her boss. i knew when i was in new york, work CAN be as hard as described, but i just find it a bit too much. though i think it should be fun if i read it when i was still working there, cuz i’d probably relate more to the character in the book. but as figured, this is a popular chick-lit, so i don’t really expect any enlightment comes out of it, especially i’m more into a historical-novel kind of a reader. so let’s see how it goes when i finish it.

since i’m back, jakarta has been shaken by 2 earthquakes, not to mention another earthquake & tsunami tragedy in pangandaran. my heart goes out to the victims and their family, deepest condolences to anyone who effected by this tragedy. the most recent earthquake happened yesterday evening in jakarta and its surrounding areas. i was able to capture the moment of panic in my office building and you can read it here.

since a month ago, i have joined jakarta daily photo as a “back-up” contributor and i’m honored to be given the invitation. i don’t post my photo as regular as santy, the main contributor, who happens to be an old friend from high school. she has done a great job taking pictures and posted them on the site in a regular basis. i’ve put the link in my pikofdawik page for easy reference. so, please check it out, daily!

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