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[first couple]
guy, 21 years old, barely out of college, still living off of his parents’ money, get monthly allowance and tuition money though sometimes get a part-time job to prove that he can make money, live abroad

girl, 21 years old, just graduated from college, still looking for a job of her dream, still get monthly allowance from her parents till she can get on her two feet, live abroad

they started a relationship for a year before the two decided to get married, regardless their current condition, in the name of love (oh also because she got knocked-up, though according to both it justifies their love to each other, regardless).

[second couple]
guy, 25 years old, graduated with good grades off a scholarship in a prestigious coLlege, got a good job in a foreign bank and has been working for more than a year, still pursue the career, has earn enough for a living, but not yet stabled. has been independent most of his life since his dad passed away when he was still in high school, has a young sister, live in a different city from his family

girl, 24 years old, graduated from a good school, had trouble looking for a job, but finally landed a good job in a local bank and has been working there for several months, live with her parents

they were together since college and had 4 years relationship. they decided to get married because they felt that they have settled and want to pursue life together.

[third couple]
guy, 29 years old, had a master’s degree and couple of years work experience during college, currently active looking for a job that support his career, still living off his parents, live in his parents’ house

girl, 23 years old, still in the last year of college education, never work in her entire life, live with her parents, still get monthly allowance

they have been together for more than a year and been engaged for 6 months, more or less. though the guy is still struggling to settle for a job and earn his own living, they will be married soon because the girl’s parents want her to be married, regardless if they would still be living off the parents’ afterwards.

[fourth couple]
guy, 32 years old, has a good promising career. already settled financially, and still pursue his ambition professionally and enjoy his life to the fullest. he has a demanding job which requires him to travel a lot, mostly abroad for certain period of time.

girl, 27 years old, a good professional. very ambitious of her career and have been independent most of her life. though still lives with her parents, she has settled financially. she has a good promising career and nothing would stop her to pursue it to the highest level. she enjoys her life and secure with herself.

after a long courtship, the two finally found themselves in a relationship. though both really love each other, they also love their career. they both know that of each other and they both support each other. they do want to settle down and start family together, but like what they do best, they take their time to analyze and prepare things… because they know this is a serious decision that would impact their life. they want to prepare things slowly but surely!

[fifth couple]
guy, 33 years old, has a company of his own. he’s quite successful with his business and have settled financially. though still lives with his parents, it is his choice. he wants to find a girl and settle down. he was so involved to build his company that the idea of ‘marriage’ was never a priority on his list until now.

girl, 29 years old, a senior in her firm and loves what she does. she’s very family oriented and soo ready to settle down. though she really enjoys her life and her career, she knows that she wouldn’t mind to give them all up, if the right person comes along.

the two met occassionally and became good friends. both find comforts with each other. the guy has feelings toward her but thought she was too independent for him. he wants someone who would settle down with him and not so career-minded. and deep down, the girl likes him too. she adores him and occassionally dreams to be his wife. but the guy never made a move. instead, he started going out with another girl, who’s younger, fresh out of college, never work in her entire life and her only wish is to be a housewife. the girl is crushed when she found out because what he doesn’t know is that she would give up everything just to be with him.

[all characters are fictional, the similarities that may appear to someone you know are definitely pure coincidence]

these are the pictures of couples i see around me. honestly, it still puzzles me. the idea of ‘marriage’ somehow means different things to people. i see people get married (and divorced) so often these days. married at a young age then divorced at a young age. i know people have different values in life and they made their decision based on different things. i don’t say that any of them are wrong or correct, though i may disagree to some. i just criticized their view to the sacred of marriage and to some, their understanding to the importance of marriage. when different views are placed to the importance of marriage, they find divorce as an easy option to take when it has gone south. i wonder whatever happened to “till death do us part“. maybe they should change the vow now.

ps: hey.. whaddaya know.. i’m going outta town again the whole next week to visit the town where this couple currently resides. so please pardon me on the lack of updates.

:: sLesTa

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