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pernah gak kejadian kalo kamu benar2 menginginkan sesuatu so badly… you know you deserve it.. tapi taunya gak dapet? pernah gak kejadian kalo kamu bingung sama jalan hidup kamu yang gak kamu harapkan? biasanya kita pasti akan marah2, sebel, sedih, kesel.. semuanya campur aduk. tapi pernah gak terlintas, kalo itu adalah jalan yang diberikan untuk kamu, for the better??

i always tell myself this. a lot of things happen not to my satisfaction. not as i hope it would be. tapi gue biasanya mikir.. mungkin ini lah jalan yang dikasih ke gue, to get a better life. gue amat sangat yakin, sudah ada jalan yang baik buat gue yang diatur oleh yang di Atas.. gue hanya bisa berusaha untuk meraih itu, dan gue yakin apapun hasilnya.. there’s always a silver lining from everything, if you really look for it.

i sound like a positive person ya? sebenernya engga. gue sering juga mikir yang engga2 like other normal human being.. but fortunately, i’m surrounded by lotsa positive people. they taught me how to think positively. always look for the better side of every mishaps. and so far.. it’s taken me to the place that i’ve wanted for.. even better that i expected.

just to share a story, i had once interviewed by one of the largest company in the world while i was in new york. i so wanted the job, and i know i’m perfect for it. on my first interview, they spent 3 hours on me.. and called me up before i reach home to do the next interview held the week after. tapi ternyata setelah tau gue ga bisa disponsorin oleh mereka, they cannot continue my interview process. gue sedih banget. gue ngerasa mentok banget. tapi i tried not to be sad. i thought.. there must be a better reason for this. so i tried to motivate myself.

fast forward 5 years after that interview. i’m back home. i was interviewed with the same company, just on the different side of the business. they offered me the job, although it was just a little too late, since i already accepted another offer. i thought it was bittersweet. i didn’t expect to turn down the offer, but i was not in the position to accept it. i figured.. it was just my luck..and it was just not meant to be!

fast forward another year. i’m sitting in a window-side cubicle at 15th floor building in downtown jakarta. i looked at my newly printed business card. it says my name and my title. a better title than what they had offered me a year ago. and guess what?? i finally work in the same company who turned me down 7 years ago because they can’t sponsor me. with better position, better level.. and i realized, i did get what i deserve.. it just took me a long bumpy road to get there.

and an extra year that took me to be here, resulted me to meet my other half and better offer from the company i so eager to joined 7 years ago.

now… i know that there’s gotta be a good reason why i’m here and he’s there. i long to see the outcome. all i know the result will be positive if i act positively toward this.

life should be taken positively if you want the positive outcome out of it, right? right! 🙂

:: sLesTa

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