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indonesian newspapers & television these days are filled with the news on the preparation of the upcoming visit from the president of the united states. yep, bush is coming to town. indonesia anonymus has already posted their point of view on the news. for me, i couldn’t care less, really.. except that it seems the couple of hours visit has drawn up so much attention, money and sacrifice for the indonesian people, especially those who live in jakarta and bogor. and for what?

is bush really worth all of that?

maybe to some people. but for me, i don’t f*cking think so. i don’t think he’s worth all of that. well, i’m not one to talk about politics here. i’d rather not cuz i still think my knowledge is still limited to write about politics, let alone make comments on it. all i know i disagree with many of his decisions and political views, even when i was still in the US and he was the president (which i still think he cheated on the first election.. but i don’t get how he gets elected for the second time? doh!)

but i cannot stay quiet after reading the news that the city officials plan to announced public holidays to students, on the day bush come for a visit to their town. whaatttt??? how stupid is that?

who the hell is he anyways? do we need to sacrifice education of the future generations just to make sure that the president who reads upside down would come for a visit? are we so in debt with the US that we’d go that far to please them?

a bunch of friends made this a topic of our friday-night conversation. discussing about the heightened of security around the bogor palace, creating traffic and issues around the bogor area. how about the fact that we have to build a helipad inside the palace to accommodate his visit cuz he insists to meet our president there? why? jakarta is not safe enough? well, maybe he should think about that when he made the decision of visiting indonesia in the first place? for all i know, let those secret service clean up the gutter around the palace while making sure no bombs are planted, isn’t that a scene?

and what is his agenda anyways? it’s still unknown.. i think it’s just one of his efforts to create publicity so that he looks like he doesn’t have all this personal revenge against muslims.

anyways, i don’t get it.

i hope our officials can see that too. and for that, they don’t need to sacrifice a lot just for the couple of hours visit. and the people take things into their own hands by doing a hocus pocus on the day of the visit (pake santet bo…! now i wonder who’s more stupid?).

well… with all these talks and publicity… at the end of the day, he is the president of the most powerful country in the world. the most (un)wanted here apparently. ha!

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