Balada Kera

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>> picture taken on: december 25, 2005
>> photographer: sLesTa
>> event: visiting dufan
>> place: dunia fantasi, ancol – north jakarta

if europe has eurodisney, america has disneyland, thailand has dream world, jakarta has.. dufan! dufan stands for dunia fantasi (fantasy world). it is located in ancol marine park complex in north jakarta. during the holiday season in the month of december every year, dufan offers a discount to its visitors. as a result it’s usually packed with many kids from all over jakarta, sometimes even from outside of jakarta.

i took the picture above last year. it is from the water fountain in the balada kera area within the dufan complex. balada kera is a caricatural operette of 23 animatronic monkey toys. all technology was said to be made in indonesia. though i don’t recall my visit there.. as it is probably only amuse little children, the water fountain in front of the building is quite interesting. it has the shapes of hundreds of monkeys in different expressions. just had to take the shot! 🙂

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