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been wanting to update this site. had a nice short article prepared, but couldn’t get to the internet for the past few days. yeap, the recent earthquake in taiwan really cut off asian connection to the other part of the world. fortunately, it looks like it’s working fine now.. hopefully so!

anyhoo.. my short article have to wait to be posted till next year. cuz this is already the end of the year and i’d like to wish you all a good & safe time in celebrating the new year, as well as eidul adha celebration this year.

looking back for the almost-ending year of 2006, i’ve been having a marvelous year. a lot has happened in my life in 2006, career-wise and life in general… even my blog has a face-lift in 2006. it’s been a great year for me. and i can’t wait to look forward for the new year as i’m waiting for another big great thing to happen in my life next year.

i’ll catch up with you next year. right now, i’m off to the la-la-land for my end-of-year vacation. 🙂

see you next year! be safe!

:: sLesTa

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