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more than two weeks i left this blog with the “bush” news.. even though i meant to change it before i left to singapore. unfortunately, my work has kept me busy and i couldn’t find the time to update it while i was there.

now i’m back, i was surprised that there are so many ‘hot’ news around. first, the sex video of the member of the parliament (who’s married) with a dangdut singer who’s obviously not his wife. second, aa gym has a second wife!! poligamy is now back in the trend (though i wonder, when has it stopped actually?). and third, lidya pratiwi sentenced 17 years in prison for the murder of her former lover and was hit by the dead lover’s brother after the court’s dismissed. the hit knocked her out and she was rushed to the hospital. to the brother’s defense, her sentence was too light and they have been through a lot so that it’s okay to hit her.

well.. well.. well.. i’m too confused to write on a particular subject as all are quite .. well, disturbing yet interesting.

but what attracts me the most is how the indonesian society reacts to the news. the sex tape caused stir among the politicians, especially the party where the guy currently a proud member of. they even set up a team of investigators to find out if the tape was original. it was indeed, as both parties confessed. apparently the girl made the tape, though noone can pinpoint who distributed it. she claimed that the tape was made two years ago. she even confessed that due to the affair, she got pregnant but told to abort the pregnancy by the guy’s legally wedded wife. so, i guess this is old news just came out in the open? what’s the purpose? to give bad remarks to the party? the politician? or just plainly to the dangdut artists in general or people like this would give dangdut a bad name? who knows?

the second issue on poligamy also creates quite a stir. it was even discussed to the length that government officials should not follow the rule of poligamy. but aa gym is not government officials and i don’t follow the connections. and why do they start talking this in to the extend when the issue has been seeping through the society for the longest. a guy from the lowest level of society to the politicians and the important people within the government, even our first president, practiced poligamy. if this wasn’t allowed legally in this country, why start now and not before? don’t get me wrong. i’m oppose to poligamy even though it’s allowed in islam. but as a woman, i totally understand that no woman on earth would be sincerely agree to the idea that her loved one marry another girl. it’s a hard decision that sometimes a guy would be ignorant and hide behind the law of islam. what a double standard! the truth is, indonesian law forbid a guy to have a second wife, but since the majority of the population are muslim, the law was somewhat bent due to this religious beliefs. so now, if the government wants to start practising the law as it was written intendedly.. well, though it’s too late.. i hope it works out. i doubt it, but we have to be optimistic, don’t we? 😉 who knows, rite?

and the third one.. though this is old news, i still follow the outcome of the court of lidya pratiwi who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for her involvement in the murder of a young male model. the model was thought to be her ‘lover’, since on the day of the murder she lured him to a hotel room. she was believed to conspire with her mom and uncle to clean up his bank account, then her uncle cold-bloodiedly murdered him once they couldn’t get as much money as they expected. through all the court trials, she claimed that she didn’t know her uncle and mom would kill the male model friend. unfortunately for her, she is a rising soap opera star so the case caught a lot of attention. she’s young, pretty and talented, but caught in the web of criminal activities in such an early period of her career.

unfortunately, the public was so drawn to her that media only covers her court trials. and so was the family of the victim, apparently. she was brutalized after the court was held and verbally abuse by all members of the victim’s family. well, she maybe guilty, but she doesn’t deserve the abuse, i think. to the family’s defense, she has caused the sufferings to the family so a little thump over the head is justified. but.. well.. how about the one who actually did the killing? no publicity?

and the sentence.. 17 years for the involvement of the murder!! comparing to tommy soeharto’s case, who obviously involved in the killing of someone who is in the high position in this country, only got less than 17 years and walked out less in 10 years.

is justice well served? well…. you tell me..

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