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since i was young, i’m lucky to have been blessed with good health. i was never really had issues with my health that required me to go to doctors’ office regularly. as far as i remember, i have never spent a day in a hospital. although.. yes, from time to time, i would occassionally had issues with flu symptoms, fever, headaches, and all the regular sickness one would have. after all, i am only human ;).

i guess the most time i’ve been to the doctor’s office was probably to my dentist. my parents are quite concern about the health of our teeth that we would go to the dentist to check our teeth regularly, especially during the times i wore my braces. but those times were over. besides, it was more on preventive and cosmetic reasons. even when i was in the united states, i can probably count on how many times i went to the doctor. i don’t even recall of going to the doctor during college. maybe for check up, but that was about it.

when i first started to work in new york, i actually made time to go to the doctor for my annual check up. general practice, dentist, gynocologist, i made time for them. now that i was covered with insurance, it wasn’t that expensive to visit them anymore. and i made sure that i made good use of my rights.

the first time i remember that i had to go to the doctor’s office quite often was when i first found out that i had developed allergies during spring season. it took me several visits to the doctor to find out what had started my allergies. turned out, i guess i stayed in the US long enough to develop these seasonal allergies due to pollen, dust, etc… the kinds i never used to have problems with when i was growing up back home.

however, when i decided to go back home to jakarta for good 2-and-a half years ago, i reckoned that i started to have different kinds of illness. i thought that was because of my adjusting period. after all, my body is not as young as it used to be, so it’ll take time for adjustments. luckily, i was already employed with insurance coverage. so paying the bills was not an issue. thank God for that!

last week, i was diagnosed with typhoid fever after a 4-days business trip to singapore. i had a fever the last nite i was there, which i though was probably a cold symptoms. but then it followed by diarrhea & headaches. after the third day, the fever continued, so i decided to go to a lab for a blood test, especially i figured i was diagnosed with paratyphoid on my first year in jakarta. the test was firmly shows that i definitely had typhoid, therefore, i was either required to be hospitalized or bedrest for at least a week time. i opted the latter.

today, after bedresting for 5 days at home, i went to the doctor and to run another blood test. literally, i spent my whole morning & afternoon in the hospital. running from the admission, the doctor’s office, the lab, the pharmacy, the cashier, back to the lab for the result, and then back to the doctor’s office for the reading of the lab results. imagine that, while i’m still weak and my stomach still hurts. i went all by myself and had to take care of them all by myself. i figure, that’s what i’ve always been doing when i was in the US anyways..so i thought, why bother mom to take me around the hospital?

well, i thought wrong! i’ve never spent this much time in the hospital to know that you just have to be PATIENT!! i guess that’s why you’re called ‘patients’ when you are seeking consults from the doctors. you literally have to be patient for everything. not to mention on administrative, like admission, insurance, etc. plus, it’s costly! the doctor would just told you to go here and there, buy this medicine and that medicine, but they could care less of how much it will cost you. fortunately, again, everything is covered by my insurance. but think about it.. not everyone in jakarta is covered by insurance… let alone had the previlige to go to a nice hospital, given the right diagnosed, and the right medicine for whatever illness they have.

my whole day of just running around the hospital weakly, was just the least of what others might experience. imagine those who had to suffer and hold their pain cuz they can’t afford to see a doctor.. or those who are rejected by the hospital because they don’t have insurance, or no money, or no paperwork.

believe it or not, many things like this still happen in developed countries, like the US. that’s why most of their politicians would make sure to put in medical program as part of their campaign. unfortunately, for a developing country like indonesia, it’s probably the least of the government’s problems when they have so much priorities in their plate, such as education, crime rate, not to mention all the natural disasters and the transportation fouls that’s been happening lately (though i still think those transportation fouls was actually a ‘time-bomb’ that has been passed by the previous administrations who probably snitched the maintenance money for something else more ‘important’).

i wonder what would it take for the government to have a wake up call that they should be less selfish and actually start doing something for the people. have they been all jaded by the priviliges they received that they forgot the main reason they work for the people? i wonder if “people” was their main reason, or was it something else… who the hell knows?

anyway, my blood test came out better than 5 days ago. i’m recovering but not yet fully recovered (hence, my weakness being) so i still had to rest for another 5 days. that means 5 more days eating bland porridge, total rest, no work and definitely boring. at times like these, i can’t help but realize that being healthy is definitely ‘expensive’!

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