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after two days with ‘unemployed and full-time housewife‘ status, i finally went back to work yesterday. honestly, it’s quite a deja vu for me and i feel excited all over again as if this was my first job. although i’ll be working at the same affiliate with the place i work for in jakarta, i won’t be doing the same thing.. so it’s totally new. and i have totally mixed feelings about everything. about the work, the job i’ll be doing, the working environment, the co-workers, and the boss. i was having such a great time at the last place, that i don’t think it’s easy to find any other working environment like that ever again. but life must go on… and to move forward, we must adapt to changes in our lives.

after two-and-a-half years working in jakarta, i was actually getting comfortable with the working condition. yeah, the commute sucks, but i have a driver. yeah, the city is too hectic and too polluted, but i live with my parents and have maids! yeah, the working hour is very very late, especially because most of the time i have to be stuck in the traffic jam… but at least, all i have to do is just get home and food, clean sheets, clean clothes are already being taken care of. no wonder, people just won’t leave indonesia… life is too good with all the maids and drivers and gardeners who would do your dirty jobs. all you gotta to do is just sit and relax and tell them what you need to make it through the day.

in the beginning, i didn’t find them a plus. especially after almost 10 years being on my own, i’m used to do everything myself. but just as i get a comfort of having everything served under my nose, i have to pack my bags and move and start doing everything myself. though, i have no complains… it’s a trade off that i’m willing to take anytime. i’m not a spoiled brat in the first place. but it does need some adjustments on my part.. and it turns out quite hard to do, ironically even after only 2 years in jakarta…

1st day at work
my apartment is only 15 minutes away from work. so this is totally a big change from a normal one-hour commute i have to do in jakarta. it gives me more time to sleep in the morning. but little did i know.. the travelling to work thing is harder than i thought. first, i have to take public transportation, which i don’t have any problem with actually.. since i’m used to do it back when i was in nyc. walking is my thing.. so i don’t mind. BUT.. what i don’t take consideration is that singapore’s weather is literally just like jakarta. it’s hot hot hot!! and humid too! if in jakarta i hardly get a feel of the hot weather & humidity (hey, we got out of an air-conditioned room to an air-conditioned car then off to an air-conditioned office!), its totally different here. so here i am in business outfit and high heels, walk through the hot & humid weather from the apartment building to the nearest MRT station… and i was literally drenched in sweat by the time i got to the station. since my train ride to work is a short one.. by the time i got to the MRT station near work, the air-conditioned train didn’t take all my sweats away, so i’d be literally wet with sweat by the time i got in to work. and those high heels?? whoa, forget about it. the long walk is not good with heels. i used to wear sandals and sneakers to work when i was in nyc.. something that is impossible to do at work now. so i gotta get used to wear them.. or carry them in my bag while i go to work in my flip flops and switched them when i got to the office. anyways, i gotta figure something out…

so, the first day was a workout in itself. but of course, i managed to get in on time (in sweat!)… just to find out that my boss forgot to inform her team that i’m coming! so, noone knows what to do with me.. and i was left alone until lunch time, well, doing nothing!!! good thing is, everybody was nice and helpful. they even invited my for lunch and show me around. so at least, i feel welcome already. i guess it’s the asian thing… i wouldn’t have to worry about people being too individualistic here.. though i hear the competition is tough. but i think i can manage that 🙂

2nd day at work
i got smarter! my co-worker told me that i should just take the bus and avoid the long walk to and from work. and i was like… yeah, why didn’t i think of that! the thing is, i never like a bus ride, cuz they usually take a while.. through traffic and all. but i realized, my route is actually against the traffic, so i should be fine. after a long search of information about the bus line.. i found out that there is a bus that stops right in front of my apartment and stops right in front of my office building. so i tried it today. the travelling time is pretty much the same with my taking the MRT. but it’s minus the long walk, so i can keep my heels without switching it to sandals.. and i don’t have to arrive at work drenched in sweats due to the long walk under the hot & humid weather. so it’s good! i’m liking it already!

as for the workload, i’m starting to get the handover training and my boss starts giving me stuff to do, which is good… cuz i can’t stand to do nothing. already, i left work after 7pm today.. and she’s already asking me if i can come in on saturday too. whoa, slow down lady… i still need to settle down first! it’s only my first week, for godssakes!

i think i’d say no to her this time. i’m not one who turn down job actually, but this time, my goal in life is different. i have a family of my own that i need to take care of, even though it’s only the two of us now.

going back to work is always exciting.. the first few weeks are usually the hardest, not only for the adjustments, but from my past experience with my office in jakarta, getting settled with all the access to systems, computers, emails.. may take a while. and it’s quite a pain the neck. the good thing is, i’ve done it before.. plus people here are helpful and nice. that’s all i can ask for, and it’s all good .. for now! *crossing my fingers tight*

ps: happy birthday, mom! i hope my good news is a good enough gift for you… luv u!

:: sLesTa

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