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  • different kinds of people, races, languages mixed during rush hour inside subway trains to the city. people walked by so fast to get the wherever their destinations were. smells of hot soft pretzels, kebabs, roasted nuts filled up the air. starbucks at your service, literally almost at every corner of the block. then there was me… fresh out of college and looking forward to my full time job in a city that never sleeps. weekends are about concerts, soho trips, coffee shops, trying out new restaurants. it was full of life, freedom of singlehood

    that was manhattan. the city i loved and always will be… the city that i had to leave two and half years ago

  • i got up early in the morning just to beat out the traffic, racing with sunrise. got in to work real early just to make sure i wouldn’t be late, even for one minute, cuz blaming traffic is just such a lame excuse. i grew accustom to stay at the office as late as possible, so that i don’t have to wait in traffic on my way back home. an hour commuting was considered… normal!. my weekend was about family occasions or rest at home all day.. sleeping or watching dvds. on my vacation, i just can’t get out of the city and relax on a nearby beach resort.

    jakarta. that’s where my family stays. a city that’s so hectic, my life seems to pass by so fast with hardly anything can be done as i wish.. i came back for only two-and-a-half-years.. but it seems like only in a blink of an eye.

  • i am unpacking my bags. i just moved, again.
    to a different city, entirely different country.
    new name, new status, new life, new apartment, new bed, new microwave, all new…
    in two days, i’ll start work at the office, with a new position and new job description that is totally brand new to me.
    it’s a challenge alright…. and i’m doing all over again.

    singapore. it’s the third country and the tenth city i live in. the city that i start my new life with hubby. a city that i’ll be spending my life for the next two, five, ten years… who knows?

    but for these two days… i’m enjoying my temporary status as an unemployed and full-time housewife *ha!*

    all pics were taken by sLesTa

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