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well, what do you know? i failed (yet) to update my blog for a while now. not that i do it on purpose. you see, i was having problems with my computer. it just went kaput on me without me saving all the files i have in it. at first, i thought of just getting a new one.. a new macbook must be nice! 🙂 unfortunately, i’d rather use the money for something else, particularly since i know i can still count on my mac computer… i know there’s something i can do to fix it without getting a new one. so i put it up to the ‘computer hospital’.

it’s now fixed, but the doctors had to change the harddisk. hence, i have no data. the good news is that they were able to save it and keep the old harddisk for me, so i can always go back if i need any data from it. that’s why, i couldn’t yet updated the pikofdawik page also. all my pics are in the old harddisk, and i still find it hard to go back and sort them yet.

especially with all the crazy weekends i’ve had for the past five weeks. first, i have to go back and forth to kuala lumpur on two weekends in the row. first one was to visit my brother who insisted that my hubby and i came there that weekend. while in the meantime, i must go back again the next weekend cuz my parents are visiting. the 3rd weekend, my sister-in-law came to visit us in singapore on her stop over from srilanka for some AIDS seminar thingy she needed to attend for work. then the weekend after that, my parents are coming to stay with us for a week… which means, the week after that, my bro also joined us to bid farewell to my parents too.

what a tiring month, alright!! so i hope that’s enough excuse for not posting for so long! 🙂 i promise, i’ll be back soon … as soon as i sort things back to normal.

one thing for sure, i miss my mom already!! and i couldn’t wait to go back for lebaran next month.

in the meantime, i wish to say minal aidin wal faidzin for those who’s excitingly embrace ramadhan. may this ramadhan be a bless to everyone!!

happy fasting! 🙂

i just realized that i posted this on 9/11. six years ago i was there watching with my own eyes when the city was in silence when the towers collapsed. six years ago, i had to walk across the queensboro bridge to get home, with so much thoughts on my head. i cannot believe that it was already six years back and it still feels like it was just yesterday. and just like yesterday, i haven’t felt safe since. war, natural disaster, disagreements between countries … it just keeps on happening.

i hope for once, we stop and think. we should make this world to be a better place. say your sorrys and thank yous properly. and bring that smile to the world. i hope this ramadhan will teach people to be a better person. amen.

:: sLesTa

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