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oh my.. time sure flies by so fast, doesn’t it? dan gak kerasa, ternyata gue udah lama banget gak update? padahal ga ada maksud untuk ‘abandon’ blog ini. cuma emang lagi jarang nulis aja. even though there are actually a lot of things that i should be able to write here.

so what’s going on? what’s new?

ok well, i guess, i should start now before it’s too late. last time i posted, i was on my way home for the lebaran holiday. how was the holiday? of course, it was wonderful! ketemu ama orang tua gue, keluarga gue, ama sate padang yang udah gue idam2in dari sebulan sebelomnya… heheh.. unfortunately i was so excited to be home, i forgot my condition, which was about 14 wks pregnant at the time. so successfully, by the 3rd day, i fell sick and stayed in bed most of the day. even though i ended up getting weak & tired for the rest of the trip, it didn’t stop me to go around and meet people and eat whatever i miss.

i think i ate more during that one week home than what i ate here. when i got back, my weight gained 2kgs, while i was only gaining 1kg for the first trimester. imagine that! untung gue ga hamil di jakarta.. bisa bunder beneran kayak bola kali gue ya jadinya makan mulu? heheh…

anyway, things have been quite nice now that i’m in my 2nd trimester. no more throwing ups, no more morning sickness. there are some little annoying problems here and there, but they are pretty normal during pregnancy. so i guess that’s good!

well, now that my pregnancy is out in the cyber world.. i guess i have more to write about it here. i won’t make this as a pregnancy diary, but at least the story would probably revolves around my pregnancy for the next 4-5 months and then (most probably) about babies afterwards. heheh… but don’t worry, i won’t bore you too much with them. 🙂

as for the layouts, i have to wait till someone can help me changing them. for now, the project is still pending. so i guess, we won’t be seeing any new layouts anytime soon. hopefully i’ll get it changed for my bday. who knows, someone nice might do it as a birthday present *wink wink*.

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