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image taken from every year for the past 30 years, another new year means new age for me. a day after everyone all over the world celebrated the new year, i celebrate my birthday. and this year is a special one as i enter the third decade of my life. 3 decades of living on this earth. gosh, i no longer can claim myself as a girl in my late twenties (which reminds me, i have to change my “about page” hehe.. )

looking back for the past 30 years of my life, i wonder if i have accomplished things that a 30-year old girl should have. i think i have. i am content with what i have done and achieved. it may not be extra-ordinary things, but given how hard i’ve managed to achieve them is quite a good accomplishment for me. i am happy with every one of them, though new dreams are still forming for years to come.

last nite, i was talking to a friend online. she wished me an early happy birthday since she won’t be able to go online today. when i mentioned that i’m getting old with the number 3 to start my age from now on.. she said,

“but your life is almost complete as a woman. you’re married to a wonderful husband, having a kid on the way, and a wonderful career. what more can you ask for?”

she’s right. i couldn’t ask for anything more. and this year sure is different. i don’t want a big birthday party. i don’t need any celebration. the fact that some of my bestfriends forgot to wish me happy birthday today, is not a big deal for me. what matter is that i’m getting the gift of life. a happy life with a wonderful husband and a life of a baby girl whom i’m about to deliver 3 months from now. and my only wish is that i would deliver my baby as smooth as possible and may she be a healthy baby girl and grow up to be a wonderful daughter.

that’s all i wish for. *well, of course, a louis vuitton and a gucci bags are nice gifts too!! 🙂*

happy new year to everyone too! 🙂

:: sLesTa

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