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since i got married, hubby and i never really spent our days apart, except during the first week after we’re back from our honeymoon, cuz he had to be at work in singapore and i had still one more week to finish my service with my office in indonesia branch. since 80% of our time during pacaran was spent in a long distance, that first week was not an issue at all.

but after i moved to singapore, we pretty much spend all of our time together, unless when we’re at work. so, when one day my hubby came home with the news that he had to go for a business trip for two weeks straight really made me sad. honestly, it wasn’t at all because we’ll be apart or anything. but mostly because i was already on my 8th month of pregnancy. i could pop out anytime soon (though hopefully not yet!). and the thought of staying in singapore, in our apartment all by myself really terrifies me. i got leg cramps at night and having him around really helps to help me ease the pain. doing chores also gotten easier cuz he’s always there to help. but the thought that i’d be all alone for two weeks?? with noone to share things … ?? man.. i just can’t imagine that!

we finally managed to work things out *thanks to my parents*. hubby also didn’t want to leave me all by myself during the last term of my pregnancy, so we requested that my parents came to company me for the whole two weeks while hubby is on business trip. though i feel bad for being so dependent to my parents, i have no other choice. at least this way, i have people around me, mom to cook for me and help ease my chores at home also. though at the same time i feel really really bad for giving them so much trouble.

i guess i’ve been independent for most of my life that being dependent to someone, especially my parents who’ve done a lot for me, is really too much. but this time, i have no choice. and i’m so grateful for the lovely parents i have.

hubby has already gone for a week and one more week to go. though mom sleeps with me (almost) every night — just in case i have cramps or pain at night — sensitivity really stands out during pregnancy. i couldn’t really sleep well during the night and it took me longer to fall asleep every night. i don’t know if it’s my pregnancy (my belly is just getting heavier and heavier each day) or because my hubby is not around. either way, i can’t wait till the week’s over. *sigh*

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