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hey, i’m back. well, i’ve been back for two weeks now, but still failed to update my blog. hihihi.. i’m really slacking off these days.

my trip back was definitely fun. spent about 9 days in indonesia and managed to go to bandung for one night. the trip to bandung was long overdue. we wanted to go since our lebaran holiday but since the timing was really bad during lebaran (considering the traffic in bandung and my early pregnancy) so we never did go. even though i was actually craving for batagor kingsley so bad that i would request to everyone who went home to bandung for holiday to the dish. unfortunately, they were closed during the entire week i was in jakarta!!

so to avenge my craving, i finally managed to go to bandung to get the delicacy i’ve been longing since the beginning of my pregnancy and my hubby can satisfy his appetite to go to the outlets to haul all the polo shirts he needed. apparently all his clothes have gone too small for him, so he need some sets of new clothes. and eventhough singapore is known for its heaps of stores and variety of products, he still prefers to go to the factory outlets in bandung, cuz he can get more stuff with the amount of money he’s willing to spend. plus the quality is not bad too.

by the time i got back to singapore, i gained 2kg!! all in one week! which is a good record, considering that i only gained 1kg in average everytime i visit my gynae, and it’s between the range of 3 weeks each. so definitely, by the time i got back, i really look more like a pregnant woman. it’s good, i guess.. since everyone in jakarta keeps commenting that my belly looks pretty small for a 7-month old pregnant woman, especially when they found out that i only gained 6.5kg within that 7 months.

unfortunately all that weight-gaining still doesn’t mean that i’m not tired the whole time i was in jakarta. if the last time i went back, i got sick while i was in jakarta, this time, i got sick a day after i got back. i had nasal congestion, headache, sore throat, etc… and it went on for more than a week. everyone recommended that i go see my doctor, but i definitely know that my doc won’t do a thing about it except for suggesting me to take full rest. but taking full rest is not something i can have in my platter. so i forced myself to go to work everyday and fell flat on my back (well, not literally, considering it’s not recommended to be done by a pregnant woman) by the time i got back from work. it was a horrible week, hence my lagging in updating this blog *excuses excuses.. hihi*

anyway, i’m much much better now. i went to see my doctor last weekend, who only said, “well, no need for prescribing any drug. just take rest, your body will build resistance for it” … see, i KNEW it!! good thing, i didn’t rush to see him once i got sick, cuz that would mean, i take another leave day from work plus all the hassles to go there during weekdays. unfortunately, the visit wasn’t all that happy for both me and hubby as the little one decided to move her position again and laid across my stomach. i will need to whisper to her everyday that she needs to move her head back down so i can deliver her normally when the time comes. hopefully by then, she will.

in the meantime, i’m taking off again to KL this long weekend to visit my dear brother. happy lunar year if you’re celebrating… welcome to the year of the rats! 🙂

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