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it’s been two and a half months since i gave birth to a beautiful daughter. i spent time to take care of her myself and see her grows up day by day. lack of sleep, baby poo, cries in the middle of the night, early rise, breastfeeding horror.. it’s all part of my initiation to motherhood. and i was surprisingly happy to do it all, just to get a glimpse of smiles and cuteness out of my baby girl.

i’m never bored to see her face while she’s asleep. never felt the tiresome even though she’s cranky all day. i just never want to let myself away from her.

and since i’m a working mother, my maternity leave is almost up. i intend to spend it as much as i can with her. unfortunately, i’m facing a dilemma that i think most working mother probably has. should i go back to work or stay home to take care of my kid?

well, the latter was never an option for me. i know from the beginning that i would still work after my baby is born. i am determined that i can be a working mother and still be a good mom. i’m not a wonder woman but i know many women have done it, so why can’t i? the least i can do is try.

so when my boss called me right after my baby celebrated her second-month birthday, i was in shocked to find out that she wanted me to cut short my maternity leave because she has tendered her resignation and needed to hand over some of the work to me. in the meantime, i don’t think myself and my baby is ready to be apart yet. although i have prepared that this day will come, i didn’t think that it will come that early!

so i started to train her by letting other people to take care of her, so she won’t be too dependent on me. i told my boss that i needed time to prepare myself and my baby to be away from each other during the day. not to mention i need to find someone who will take care of my baby while i’m at work.

this week, i have found out that my maid, who’s been working with my mom for a long time, has passed her english test to be eligible to work in singapore. so that means, she can start work for me and take care of my daughter. as much as i’m happy that i have found a trustworthy person to take care of my daughter, i’m also sad that it means, i have to go back to work before this week ends.. as my boss’ last day is by end of this week.

would i be able to be the ‘wonder woman‘ and manage to take care of my daughter as well as my career? i hope so.. if a lot of women can, why can’t i? right?

:: sLesTa

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