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today, naia is 5 months old. udah makin gede, makin chubby, makin pinter *namanya juga ibunya, pasti anaknya semuanya yang paling-paling deh.. hehe* ga kerasa udah 5 bulan aja since i gave birth. naia is still an easy baby to handle. she doesn’t really cry alot, loves to play and laugh, very very observant to anything new and loooves going to the malls. hehhe.. right on her fifth month, she started to learn new tricks. rolling over.. and she’s so happy everything she rolls over.

5 months old. that means one more month to finish her 6-month program to be exclusively on breastmilk. and it’s no easy task. i’m going through everything to ensure that she’s on breastmilk for 6 months, including getting all the comments & pressures from left and right. you see, exclusively on breastmilk for 6 months is a the way to do it, but some people would start their babies with solid foods when the baby is only 4 months old. i’m not saying that it’s wrong.. hey, it’s their baby, it’s their parenting preference. as for me, i want my baby to stick to the 6-months program before she can start on solids. without the comments & pressures from around me, getting enough breastmilk and ensuring myself that i could produce enough milk for my baby was already a big challenge i have to complete from the beginning. it’s even worse when i started back to the office and have to expressed milk during office hours to ensure that i would leave enough breastmilk while i’m gone.

but in confidence, i know i can do it. and it’s only one more month to go. though the last month will be during the whole month of ramadhan, i’m trying my best to produce enough milk for her and complete the program. today, i tried to fast the whole day, though it means having no energy all day since every feeding will burn about 500 calories.. and i have 2 direct feedings and 2 times expressing milk during the day. i’m definitely out of energy by the time i broke my fast, but i will keep trying but won’t force myself too much. afterall, finishing the program is more important right now, and from the beginning i’m determined to be on it.

my plan, i should have her on breastmilk for at least the whole 1st year, but the first 6 months is very critical. now that we’re almost there, i know we can do it. there’s no better milk in the world for any babies than the mom’s milk. unfortunately, not every mom these days can produce milk. i do, so i won’t waste it.

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