Victory Day

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my god, i am completely out of hand with updating this blog. i actually tried and had written phrases to post last month, but ended up never updating this blog after all.. and before i know it.. it’s already a month since i last posted. forgive my busy self..

well, the moment is just perfect. it’s the day of forgiveness. the day muslims in the world celebrate the last day of ramadhan and welcoming the month syawal, the day of the eid-ul-fitr, the day of forgiveness.

please forgive me for any wrongdoings, any mistakes for the past year that i may have done so intentionally or not. forgive me if my writings may have offended you or if any of my comments may be too harsh for you to handle. whatever it is, the bottom line is, i’m only human, even though you may only know me in the cyber world… but myself, like everyone else.. makes mistakes.

on a different note… today, also marks a very important day for me as a mom. my baby daughter turns 6 months old!!! why is it so important? well, furthering my previous post, today marks the day that she completed her exclusive breastfeeding days. although i would still feed her my breastmilk until she no longer wants to anymore (by this, i mean around 1 year old! hahaha.. ). usually baby who are exclusively on breastmilk for the first 6 months would start their solid food by then. however, eventhough she just turned 6 months today, i already started her on solid food about 10 days ago.

why so early?

well, for one reason, i have noticed that she looks like she’s ready for food as she keeps watching me eating my food and would take anything that’s put in front of her mouth. although i do want to wait until she’s exactly 6 months old, then i figures, she would still be exclusively on breastmilk and what’s 10 days early anyways? i would still feed her baby rice cereal, banana, papaya, or avocado mixed with breastmilk. it was just an introduction to food and breastmilk is still her primary food. besides, i mix everything she eats with breastmilk.

at first she was hesitant to take the food and still confuse with the idea of spoon and other meal other than milk from bottle or directly from me, although she seems very curious about having a new taste in her mouth. after a while, she got the hang of it and eat ’em like a pro. of course, she would deny the food here and there, especially if she’s already sleepy or not yet hungry. but she’ll take it little by little until everything’s gone.

so far i have introduced her with 5 different fruits as her first taste – banana, avocado, papaya, apple and pear. she hates banana (literally threw up after the first spoon! but i will try again soon), she loooves avocado and would cry if i took the spoon off her mouth, papaya gave her red dots on the face (dunno why! but i will try again too), and she still doesn’t take apple and pear well (the taste is still foreign to her, especially with the consistency of the fruits that i didn’t blend well enough).

last weekend, i introduced her to carrots and sweet potato – which apparently she loves both!

i prepared the food myself and tried not to blend them in the blender but only grind them using baby food grinder. the food are served on the spot (banana, papaya & avocado) or steamed & ground (apple, pear, carrots, sweet potato). the steamed ones are also kept in the freezer in ice cube trays, so that it’ll be easier for my maid to take out during my daughter’s meal time. just need to heat it up in the food & milk warmer … mixed a bit with the rice cereal and a bit of my breastmilk… and voila! the food is ready for the little one to eat.

between 5th to 6th month, there are plenty of things my baby daughter has done and learned, besides taking solid food..

  • she has flown back to jakarta and met almost everyone in our family, oh and she slept the entire time she was on the plane!
  • she is now able to roll over and back easily
  • she likes to read and starting to understand pictures and colors
  • she has learned how to sit, still supported though
  • with support, she can get up from sleeping position to a sitting position then to a standing position
  • she smiles a lot and laugh a lot too
  • her cries have shifted to just screaming loudly these days
  • she won’t stop screaming until she gets what she wants *i wonder where does she get that stubborn habit from?*
  • she would wake us up in the morning by rolling over to our side and smack our faces with her little hands *duh*
  • she is more and more aware of herself in front of the mirror or camera, hence, she cannot stop look at herself in the mirror.. where she would smile widely everytime she sees herself..
  • she grabs everything around her and she needs to hold onto something everytime (my hair, my hand, her towel, her toys, etc.)
  • she is definitely getting heaver and chubbier.. and of course, cuter!! *hahahah*

oh, how time flies so fast. before i knew it, she’ll be walking, on a date, and talking back to me. oh gosh…!!

:: sLesTa

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