Don’t Take Life For Granted

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oh gosh, i’m so tight up with life that i just don’t have time to update this blog. i guess, every time i posted, i had an excuse for not updating this blog. well, forgive me.

there are so much things going on in the past few months… but one thing for sure, i was just trying to cherish every moment i have with my family. cherish the moments i have with my baby daughter, cuz it would only happen once. to see her grow up and able to do things every day is just the most precious things i cannot give up for anything else. in between my work and everything else in life, it was clear from the beginning that my baby comes first. no matter what.

life should never be taken for granted.

i’ve heard those lines a thousand times but never really sink in. and when a good friend had to leave so sudden recently, i just had to stop and think how much i have to cherish and thankful to the life i have. he died of a heart attack at the age of 31. i never heard him complain about his health and he has so much promise in life. so it was definitely a shock to hear the news early on saturday morning. i literally had to stop to understand the text message my friend had sent, cuz it just seems… so surreal. but it was an eye opener. never take life for granted, i learn that much.

live your life like there’s no tomorrow and cherish the moments you have as if you’ll be gone the next day. cuz you’ll never know what God has planned for us.

may you rest in peace, my friend.. !

:: sLesTa

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