My New Year’s Eve..

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five years ago .. i was with a bunch of my friends on our way to have dinner and getting in line for a space in times square to celebrate the new year’s eve. freezing our ass off, it was one of the coldest day that time of year. but we stood to our grounds, waiting in line to see the ball dropped cuz one of my best friend is leaving new york city. little did i know that it was also my last new year’s eve in new york. we didn’t end up staying until midnight, cuz we just couldn’t stand the cold any longer. instead we joined our friends who’s celebrating new year’s eve in the club downtown and party the night away.

four years ago .. my first new year’s eve in jakarta, only been back for two months, unemployed and enjoying life by travelling across cities in indonesia and taking pictures. i never really had a night out on new year’s eve in jakarta, even when i was still in high school. and this time is no difference. i just hate the fact that it will be crowded everywhere, unavoidable traffic jams, and actually nothing to do. so i ended up in bed by 11PM. ha!

three years ago .. went out with my colleague at work. a guy from work who i’ve been having meet-ups on weekends for a movie & dinner for the past four months, yet i didn’t call it as a date. that nite, i went home before midnight cuz i didn’t want to get stuck in traffic jam, yet again. just had dinner and a movie and went home. after midnight, i sms-ed him to wish him happy new year, and wondered where our relationship stands, cuz it no longer felt like a regular friends-from-work hangout anymore. he became my husband eighteen months later.

two years ago .. i was walking along the streets in kuta, with my boyfriend then (yep, that guy from work is now my long-distanced boyfriend), and two dearest friends. we had a wonderful nite at kuta beach, celebrating the new year. the next day, he formally proposed during sunset in tanalot.

one year ago .. i was married and 6 months pregnant and have moved to singapore. had to work on the last day of the year and did not interest any party and crowd to celebrate the new year. the fact that i’m carrying heavy on my belly is good enough reason that i’d rather rest my feet on the couch and sleep in early.

this year .. still in singapore, still working on the last day of the year, and still has nowhere to go to celebrate it but home. this time, i have my baby daughter with me and i’d rather spend it with her and my hubby than anyone & anywhere else in the world.

happy new year!!

may 2009 brings all the best to all of us.

:: sL

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