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many girls dream about wedding and romance. they dream about spending time in love with that prince charming for ever and ever. girls love fairy tales. that is the reason why books, novels and movies about fairy tales never short of its die-hard fans. girls would love to see it even if the storyline is just pretty much the same from one to another.

in short, girls love to daydream on the fairy tale lives. and it’s pretty much the same to all of them. live with that prince charming, in a beautiful house with beautiful well-cared gardens with beautiful kids running around. i think this stereotype is still implated inside every girls’ head that many girls today still want that. beautiful house with well-cared gardens and playground. though, i’m not generalizing as i’ve met many girls who choose otherwise.

unfortunately, is it practical, logical or even ideal at this day and age to dream of the fairy tale life?

recently, my lil family was visited by a family friend. she grows up in jakarta her entire life and never been out of the country until that time when she visited us. during one of the conversation, she made a comment about our lives here in singapore, who must live in an apartment – away from the dream home she would imagine. she said that if she were ever to get married, she’d rather live in a house with gardens filled with beautiful flowers so he can spend her time gardening and play with her kids. does she even garden? who knows!

i do respect her dream as i too may have that same dream long time ago. i couldn’t remember anymore. but i grew up to adulthood living from one apartment to another. aside from my childhood, only when i go back to jakarta to visit my parents, then i have the experience of living in a landed house.

but the question remains, in this day and age, would it still logical to live in a landed house? in jakarta, there are still plenty of spaces to have that kind of house. people live all the way in the outer part of jakarta so they can have an affordable house, landed with gardens where they can have their kids play & run around. but the consequence is that they must travel for soooo long to get to work, not to mention that the traffic is just getting worse every day. it’s quite impossible to find an affordable house in the city center area cuz the price of land is way too high, unless you get it from your parents who owned that piece of land for a long time.. 😛 so the most ideal way to live to the city is to live in an apartment that’s been popping up quite tremendously in the city center area. apartment price, of course still lower than buying a landed house, but it still doesn’t come cheap. especially when you want to have the ones with nice facilities.

back to my question. if i were still live & working in jakarta.. i would still have that dream of a landed house with beautiful garden, but i’d prefer to stay in an apartment so i can be close to work. why? cuz i’d rather cut my travel time short and spend it with my family instead of dreading the long hours in traffic just to get home and found my daughter already fell asleep. after all, i am a working mother.

as for living in singapore, it just makes more sense to live in an apartment cuz landed house is too expensive and the maintenance also doesn’t come cheap. at least for now, i opt to live in a nice apartment with full facilities so that my daughter can have access to enjoy the playground, the pool and walk in the park.

and slowly, my home dream is no longer a house with beautiful gardens and playground. and i’ve said it once before and i’m saying it again .. home is where your heart is. no matter whether it’s one-storey high or twenty five-storeys high, with gardens or just a balcony, home is not just something you live, sleep, and eat. it’s where you spend time with your family. quality time. no matter what, how and where it is.

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