How Considerate Are You?

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microblogging is taking its storm among people now, with facebook, twitter, plurk and other microblogging sites made available to everyone who uses internet. smart phones like blackberry & iphone also made it possible for everyone to catch the fever and check their microblogging sites anytime & anywhere. one would microblog anywhere, update their status about everything they may come with.

well, i don’t want to talk about what is microblogging and why it becomeS quite a phenomenon these days. but i do want to talk about a bit about ethic when microblogging.

for me, microblogging is fun. it gives an update to people about your well-being at that point in time, anytime anywhere. but sometimes, you may also remind yourself that the information you supply to people who follow you or in your friends list, may be a bit too much. they may not need to know EVERYTHING… like, well.. the result of the american idol show, perhaps? or who just won the latest amazing race?

i just think that it’s very inconsiderate to put them in public, especially when some people on the other side of the world has to wait before they can find out themselves.

unlike the football games that’s always shown at the same time all around the world… some reality shows, or game shows or even tv series from one part of the world may not be shown at the same time on the other part of the world.

so why being inconsiderate when you microblog?

otherwise, you may put whatever it is. even about where you live, your phone, or any personal information like what you ride is, how big your apt, or even how much your salary is. ethically, it’s a bit too much to share on public. but it’s your own risk. so i won’t give a damn if you share them. nice to know.. but don’t need to know.. kinda like that.

but when i am looking forward to watch my fave show on TV tonite and accidentally finds out about the result of the show from someone’s status in facebook.. THAT, really draws the line!

please be considerate, peeps! you just stole my fun! *dang*

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